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Purchase Rowe Casa Products at Foodie Tasting Room in marshall texas.

Almost a year ago a really neat shop opened in downtown Marshall Texas, The Foodie Tasting Room.  I’ve referred to them before on my blog because it has become one of my favorite places to shop. 

If you want to spice up your food or find natural products like Rowe Casa Organics that help you thrive then this is your place.

Well, I have a funny story, about three weeks ago I started working at the Foodie. Let me just say it’s very strange to be on the other side of the counter.  It’s also been positive and has given me yet another outlet to help others.

Is this a new career path?  Absolutely not, I’m actually friends with the owner and she knows I stepped up to help until she can find my replacement. 

But I have to tell you, this job has given me the opportunity to create with display again, and I love putting things together.  Display is another form of marketing, it’s like you’re telling a story and offering a shopping experience to remember. 

You know, what shopping was like before the big box stores trampled the marketplace and left customer service in the dust.

I guess if you are someone who enjoys decorating your home especially when the holiday season arrives then display would be a similar activity.

two of my favorite Rowe Casa products for allergies

Rowe Casa Product Line

I want to tell you about one of Foodies product lines, Rowe Casa Organics.  I tried a few earlier this year out of curiosity and loved the results.  Keep in mind I’ve been using natural products and essential oils for a long time, since 2005 so when I share my good ideas it’s for no other reason than I want to help.

I’m not a doctor, but I love to learn and read.  I’m also known for doing my own research or reaching out to my awesome friend Carolyn who is a wealth of information.

I’m also a believer in prevention and healing the body as natural as possible.

Now that you know where I'm coming from let's talk about the first product I tried, “sinus and allergy” this one has been a game changer. 

East Texas is now home but there are certain times of the year, that I have the worst headaches one can imagine.  I often think it’s all the pine and I’ve learned to “deal” because I love it here.

This particular product, “Sinus and Allergy” when used on a daily basis during the high pollen seasons is extremely helpful. 

Another product that I use as a complement is the Rowe Casa Relief.  This one is fantastic for pain relief caused by inflammation.  Which I have to tell y’all most pain we experience is due to that horrible word, inflammation.

I apply “Relief” directly to say my forehead when the pressure is unbearable because sometimes, I forget to use the other. The directions say you can take it orally as needed but I haven't tried that route as of yet. 

I would recommend reading the reviews on their website to further answer additional questions to decide what the best course of action that would work for you.

more products and highly recommend their handbook to learn more.

Thrive with Rowe Casa

I have tried additional products as well and it’s my goal to come back and write about each one in more detail.  My point here is to simply introduce you to this brand and let you know there is a local source right here in East Texas where you can purchase them.

Since I’m currently working there, I’d be happy to shop with you and help answer questions while also offering recommendations. 

I’ve been diving into their handbook, which foodie also has available and y’all I am really loving how the Rowe Casa family approaches healthy living.

So, for my local readers, visit me at the Foodie Tasting Room downtown Marshall, Texas Wednesday through Saturday. For my readers far away, you can purchase from the comfort of home on amazon. 

Sign up for my newsletter because I have more to come on these products and I can’t wait to tell you about their hair spritz and body butter.


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