Rowe Casa Elderberry for Immune Support

Rowe Casa Elderberry for Immune Support and additional healing properties.

We’ve had a lot going and with all the weather changes I started feeling a little sluggish.  This normally means my immune system needs attention because a scratchy throat was also at play.

This was my opportunity to see how effective Rowe Casa Elderberry works for immune support.

I’ve tried elderberry products in the past but never cared for the flavor; I’m thinking it might have had something to do with the sugar content.

The other night, before bed, I took two tablespoons thinking I could offset that sluggish feeling; for my headache I used relief.  I really love that product!

When morning came, I wasn’t 100% better, but I was wasn't worse off which means I was headed in the right direction. So, right away instead of focusing on my morning coffee I repeated that same routine and went on with my day.

Types of Elderberries

I refer to elderberry as a vintage natural remedy because until recently it sat in the shadows of so many other options. Meaning nobody really talked about it. I should probably refer to it as a B.C. remedy because it dates way back. 

Needless to say, it’s been around for a long time and it's native to Europe, Asia and North America. It even grows in parts of Texas. 

There are four types (aka species) of elderberries and within those are many varieties.  These four include, American, European, Red and Blue. 

I’m not going to pluck through the weeds on each variety because I want to focus on the healing properties. What you should know is that the most common used in products would be the American and European.

Rowe Casa Elderberry and Relief review and how they work to heal.

Rowe Casa Elderberry Healing Properties 

I mentioned trying Rowe Casa Elderberry and I really am impressed with this product. After three applications I did feel better, but then I did crash a day later with a fever.

Three applications equal 2 tablespoons per serving and it’s tasty. Instructions are on the bottle and will be less for children.

This product is like a multi-functional tonic with healing properties to fight seasonal allergies and illness. Some key things to keep in mind is that elderberry serves to boost immunity because it’s an antioxidant fruit.  It also empowers the offset of inflammation encouraging the body to fight off sickness.

My favorite side perks are that it also helps lower blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.
Even though we ended up crashing with fever, I found there wasn't enough time to fight off the little flu that swept through our home for a few days.

It would have worked better in our situation if I would have started taking elderberry a week prior when the rain came.  Over the years I've noticed that most weather transitions seem to also jerk with our immune systems. 

Encouraging Others to Try Elderberry

I want to encourage you to try elderberry for its natural healing properties. Obviously, it's not a cure, elderberry is a preventative remedy. 

It did help my husband and I heal quickly because we did continue taking applications and we were just down for a couple days.

This product has become a staple in our natural cabinet. This means I like to have a second one on hand because it does require fridge storage after opening.

You can stock up online here or shop local at the Foodie in JeffersonThis is just another good idea that works just in time for fall or really any season.


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