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Yeonmi Park's Story to freedom book review.

I think too many times freedom is taken for granted and I honestly didn’t realize how much until I read, In Order to Live.

About a year ago, my son handed me this book and said you need to read this.  He didn’t want to give me too much information so all he said was, “it’s about a North Korean girl, Yeonmi Park’s and how she escaped communism.

I have to admit, I didn’t know who she was, and it was a little odd having my grown son refer a book, but it was also pretty neat. 
So, when he handed me this book, I took it very seriously knowing it had to be good and dove in with an open mind.

He found out about Yeonmi Park from Joe Rogan while listening to his podcast.  He was moved by the interview, and later got the book because he knew her story in a written format would explain the missing details an interview could never uncover.

With all these key details it didn’t take long for me to realize what a profound young woman Yeonmi Park became from her journey to freedom.  

Book Review on In Order to Live

She was born in 1993, three years after my daughter and while I was reading her story, the timeline tugged at my heart. I couldn't stop thinking about my own life during those years.

At times I found tears roll down my face because while I was raising two children in a comfortable home, this young girl and her sister were basically starving. Sometimes even freezing without electricity, alone and wondering where their next meal was coming from. 

I don’t want to tell her story for you because I could never do it justice but it’s my belief everyone should read, In Order to Live or at least listen to Rogan's interview.

She describes what it’s like to live under a communist government, but she also goes into how their own government lied to them specifically about Americans. When you only have one view being introduced you tend to believe what is being spoken as truth. 

The level of control their government has over the North Korean people is horrific and we should never be na├»ve to think that kind of forced structure couldn’t transpire on our own soil. 

She also describes looking from a distance at the night lights in China.  When I read that chapter, I was still for a moment and thought, “I can’t imagine how bad her life was to look towards China for a sense of hope.”

We are so blessed in this country, and we don’t even realize how good we have it.  Maybe it’s because we have had it too good for such a long time?  Mabe, we have taken it all for granted?

I don’t know and definitely don't have the answer for that thought but I would like to encourage you to read this book, and really listen to what she is saying.  If after you read, In Order to Live and you were moved, think about the young people in your lives and ask yourself, “are they mature enough to comprehend her story?”  If your answer is yes, then I would ask you to pass it along.

Yeonmi Park was brave beyond belief and continues to be fearless by sharing her story. She lived through the horrors that human beings often inflict upon others. But she also witnessed good that would have never been brought to light if she didn’t make some brutal decisions along the way. 

In my opinion, this true story should be required reading for High School students because it's that important and very good. 

- Carole

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