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Excellent coffee roasted over fire my favorite blend is espresso

It’s no secret that I enjoy my morning and afternoon coffee. I am always on the hunt for a better tasting bean because I enjoy the flavor of quality over mass consumption. 

Most recently those coffee hours have improved with fresh ground beans from Port Jefferson Coffee Roaster.

I grew up where the coffee craze began in Washington state.  My favorite coffee came from two companies, Seattle’s Best and Mukilteo Coffee Roasters.  The history of both can be read online and a lot has changed since then.

I’ve changed as well: I left my home state when Robert and I said, "I do" thirty some years ago. At the time my biggest concern was, how would I ever find a good tasting coffee again?

Well through many moves and roads traveled I have lost count of how many coffee shops I have visited. Many have been a disappointment, a few stand out and do get my repeat business.

As far as enjoying a cup of coffee in a shop, those days are pretty much gone.  Paying $5 or $7 dollars for something I can do myself, well you know how that story ends. 

Great product and service is what I seek when I'm out shopping, which in today's world is a rare find.

My husband calls me a “Coffee Snob” and I hate to admit it, but he might be right.

This coffee shop has it all beans and products you will want to bring home.

So, in my quest to find "good beans" I found, "great beans" which brings me to Port Jefferson Coffee Roasters.  

Jefferson is the closest small town to where we will be living when our home is finished. I really love it here because the people are welcoming, fun and they simply have good hearts. 

I don’t really have any friends here so when I feel like being around people it’s common to find me strolling through town, enjoying my favorite places.  

Did I mention, I love browsing and shopping through small businesses?

Port Jefferson Coffee Roasters is one of those places and let me remind you that there are many coffee shops in town but this one just focuses on selling their beans.  

This shop was the perfect fit because I knew that if a company could focus on just beans, it had to be good.

One afternoon, I walked through their front doors and was invited to try a cup of black coffee.  Y’all it was the best coffee I have tasted in a very long time.  

Here’s the kicker, I don’t drink black coffee, but I figured why not try it because if it was good then I knew it would be perfect served with steamed milk.

So far, I have tried the Espresso, Dark and Medium blends which are all amazing but I really liked the Espresso. They also offer k-cups in a variety of seasonal flavors.  

Are you wondering what makes their product better?  

Is it the couple, Jarod and Janna Hanson who have poured their heart and soul into this business, is it the ambiance of their location or does it have to do with how they prepare their beans?

All three are important coming from this customer but when I dived into their story, I found out that they "fire roast" their beans. After reading that, the rest is history because they now have a customer for life.

Here’s the best part anyone reading can try their product because they sell online. I get no kickback for sharing, I just wanted to bring attention to their business because they have an amazing product that I have no doubt you will enjoy.

Check it out; you can also find them on social media and if you are local go visit, they are on the side street at 116 West Layfette downtown Jefferson.

They also sell these neat cedar chests that are hand crafted out of Avinger. 


Port Jefferson Coffee Roasters, 116 West Layfette Jefferson TX

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