The Gathering on the Grass


Worship outdoors and share the light of Christ.

A couple weeks ago I received a phone call while in the middle of working on the house.  I’ve been doing wall prep and making excellent progress.

A new acquaintance had reached out to ask if I could make a flyer.  Now I promised my husband “no new projects” until after the house was done.  He made that same promise to me but there was something about this call that pushed me to ask more questions.

After finding out it was to promote a spiritual gathering at a park, I was onboard and Robert was glad I agreed to make their flyer.

Several years ago, we lived in a different state for a short period. We attended church in Parker, Colorado and on occasion they would hold services in the park. 

This was a favorite for our family because it follows the example of Christ.  He never needed a building to witness so why do we?

This is something I think about every time I see new construction for a church building.  It’s easy to forget that "the church" really wasn’t designed for the saved, it was established for the lost and too many times the lost don’t feel welcome.

This has just been my view over the years and perhaps I’m being short sighted a bit.  

But I can promise you one thing, you will never hear me say, “my church” or “my pastor” because we are one body in Christ if we truly believe the scriptures.

Okay less preachy and let’s move onto to this phone call from David Hanson. 

Worship in the park is a good idea.

I quickly agreed to make the flyer because I actually enjoy graphic work. This is an avenue that allows me to be creative and its relaxing work.

Once the details were present it all came together and on April 8th at the Lions Club Park in Jefferson, Texas there will be a spiritual gathering. 

I pray this continues as time goes on and if you’re local all you have to do is show up. But if you want to be more involved, they are looking for scripture readers and music leads. 

Reach out to David @ 903-702- 8524 or sign up here.

This is a really neat way to come together and pray for God’s light to shine; it’s my hope that other communities will follow this example.

If we fail to grow God's kingdom, we will have failed to do the one thing as Christians we're called to do.  We are designed to seek, why not seek the light, it lives forever.


April 8th in Jefferson Texas at the Lions Club park.


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