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New shop on Etsy CW Goodies offering Custom Graphics, watercolors and books

I was texting with a dear friend the other day and she was sharing many kind words after I sent her a link to my new shop, CW Goodies on Etsy.  

She has always been an encourager and our friendship travels through a good 30 plus years. We might not always agree on things but why should we?  We’re both creative people with an eye for detail so her opinion is one that I respect.

This shop sort of evolved over the last few months and here we are, I’m finally ready to share it with everyone.

What a lot of folks don’t know about me is that I create graphics for print on the side.  It started a long time ago when I learned how to use publisher. Then I vamped things up by using other programs that allow me to design at a quicker and more creative pace.

I have a cousin back home who says, “I have the ability to put things together.”  I thought it was a weird thing to say but she got it right.

I have always been this way and the bottom line is I’m a creative person and I must nurture that gift because it energizes me.

Examples in CW Goodies of one of a kind custom Graphic work

Three Goodie Categories

So, inside this Etsy shop also known as CW Goodies you will find three product categories. First being Custom Graphic work where I’m offering flyers, push cards and business cards.

View a variety of examples, and my goal isn’t to duplicate what I’ve already created. My focus is to bring your brand or event to life so that it stands out from all the rest. More importantly it tells your story. 

Many businesses overlook marketing materials to pass out to customers, many also believe it’s a waste of money because everyone is going digital.  

For somethings that is true but if you own a business and want to get the word out you cannot rely on social media alone especially if you live in a small or medium size community.

Quality graphics sets you apart from everyone else, think of it as a touch of class.

A good example is an eye-catching business card.  These little gems can substitute for price tags or pop into shopping bags, this is important if you have an online shop and hope for repeat business.  

My favorite is the push card, when I receive one, I will keep it as a reminder and many times end up using it for a bookmark.  When I see things more than three times it sticks and I’m reminded to go back and visit again.

So, I’m offering custom graphic work and you don’t have to be local to work with me. 

CW Goodies also offering books on quail and gardening in addition to watercolor paintings.

My Books and Watercolors

I will also be selling my books, ebooks and eventually my watercolor art.  I have a lot to bring forward and I can hardly wait to dig in and make it all available.  Currently you can find, Ground Raised Quail here.  All of my other books and GRQ are on Amazon.

Since my art studio is almost finished it won’t be long before I will be painting.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. It will be a few months, more like fall before I will be offering my  art but stick with me, I will get there. 

CW Goodies is going to be a neat journey and it’s my hope you shop and share with your friends.



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