Begin with Essential Oils


I got started with doTERRA essential oils by making a solid decision to begin; sometimes that's the hardest part when trying something new. Everything we do begins at home and if you're ready to live healthier then please reach out here.

essential oils before modern medicine took over.

Why Use Essential Oils?

I'm going to guess you have probably heard about essential oils and healing at least once or twice. But are you familiar with how natural healing began before modern medicine took over?  It was through plants, for thousands of years a variety of plants were used as medicine to heal our mind, body and soul. 

These plants still exist in a variety of herbs, flowers, citrus and the list goes on. Some are gathered for culinary purposes where others are enjoyed in tea. When these same plants are processed into essential oils, they can be 50% or more powerful.  The best part, just a couple drops can offer instant healing, which also makes them cost effective. 

When I decided to welcome essential oils in our home our lives improved. We experienced better health and I hope to help you achieve the same.  But please note, they are not a miracle cure and with any healthy lifestyle you have to put in the effort to experience the best results. 

Why I chose doTerra Essential oils for my home.

Why I Chose doTERRA?

My journey to living healthier is quite extensive and it began back in 2005 when I decided to detox our home.  I boxed up all of our household products and chose a healthy alternative that replaced everything we were using.  These new products contained essential oil ingredients and had a positive impact in our home and our health and wellbeing. 

As time went on t-tree oil became my go to for everything.  Additional oils like peppermint, lavender and lemon were also becoming part of our lifestyle and it didn't take long before I wanted to start learning more. So, I began reading and found comfort with their connection to history and embraced their healing properties. When I realized I could make my own products at home and save money at the same time, I was excited.  

I'm a doer with sort of a self-reliant mindset so for years I tried several oil brands, many were good, but the fact is I was looking for great. When I finally ordered from doTERRA, I noticed a significant improvement after about a week.  These essential oils immediately enhanced my focus, it was like the fog had finally lifted. 

As a longtime gardener and someone who has worked the land, I was also encouraged to find out they source the best oils by working with local farmers across the globe. My journey to find quality essential oils in their purest form was a success and I have to say that felt really good.

My journey to getting started with doTerra

How I Got Started

When I made the decision to begin with doTERRA, I started as a wholesale customer.  This is a membership that allows you to receive 25% off all essential oils and products in addition to receiving discounts or free shipping. There was no monthly obligation to purchase or sell so this option worked great.

I selected the Healthy Start Kit; which included a diffuser that I use almost daily. Their packaging is superb with materials that explain how each oil is used. Remember I had already detoxed my home years ago so the Healthy Kit allowed me time to get acquainted with doTERRA and decide what moving forward would look like.  

If you're ready to thrive and have the desire to live a healthier lifestyle, then I'm going to recommend beginning with one of these two kits for home essentials or natural solutions. I went ahead and linked all three below for your convenience.  These kits offer you a fantastic introduction and the opportunity to replace the products you are currently using in your home.  
If you still have questions, then I want to ask you to please reach out here so we can chat and get the answers you're looking for.  I'm not here to pressure you into following my lead, I simply want to help you thrive and live a healthier lifestyle. 

See the Good,