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Learn how to raise quail for eggs and meat in your backyard or homestead.

Ground Raised Quail for Eggs and Meat

I'm very excited about Ground Raised Quail.  This book is an excellent choice for anyone seeking self-reliance in their backyard or homestead. 

This book is currently available on Amazon.  You can also read my review here on the blog.

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All of these titles are currently available on Amazon.

My Next Book, Garden Up Green

This project is a big undertaking and that's probably why I put it off for so long. My hope is to include everything from my retired blog, Garden Up Green with the exception of quail. 

Raised bed gardening is the focus just as I wrote on that blog.  I always used a simplified planting system that embraced smaller and taller beds that are easy to maintain.  I'm also gathering the popular DIY projects and organizing them by seasons. 

I'm excited about this book; it will be dedicated to my grandmother; who was a constant in my early life.  She always took it upon herself to teach me skills that were centered around doing good.  

I've put forward an ambitious goal to be ready for publishing in the later part of 2023.



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