Learn how to raise quail for eggs and meat inthe backyard or homestead

Seeking Self Reliance where you live?

Raising quail for me began on our family farm for the purpose of eggs and meat.  This journey encouraged me to share what I learned through blogging, freelance writing, books and public speaking. You may have even read a few of my quail articles in Grit, Countryside and Hobby Farms magazines.

Before I got started, there was a lot of planning centered around raising quail in the most natural environment possible. The truth is people gave me that southern, "bless your heart" response and said, it was a waste of time and impossible.

Successfully Raising Quail 

After successfully raising coturnix quail on the ground for a couple seasons, I quickly moved on to bobwhite quail.  These beautiful birds are native to where I live in Texas and they inspired my efforts.

At that point, I was hooked and thankful for not giving up. I'm a believer that we are blessed with so much and too many times we miss the good that is right in front of us.

Book Carole to Speak

It would be an honor to speak to your group or at your next event.  My focus is to share how anyone can raise quail where they live. That can be on a small homestead, large acreage and those with backyards.

Let's do this, contact me today.

- Carole

Recent Review

Such a wholesome topic, and you had so much enthusiasm and warmth. 
One of the best presentations we've had in a long time!  
-Steve Oglesby

Learn to raise quail for eggs and meat.


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