The Right Moment to Begin


I was waiting for the right moment to publish this blog. A moment where the words didn’t feel forced and just lifted off the keypad with little effort. That moment came this morning while I was in the process of cleaning. 

I really dislike housework but it’s necessary especially when you live in a small travel trailer. Let me tell you, a simple lifestyle is not always what it’s cracked up to be.  

We didn't always live this way but when the nest emptied, Robert and I decided it was time to transplant our roots. When we made that decision, we knew it would be temporary but for how long we didn’t know. 

Then 2020 hit, we decided to stick with it for a while longer and that was a good decision.

We’re at a point now where, we’re done and it's time to settle and get back to the land. With the blink of an eye, one might think this would be an easy task. We took the month of March off to find a place and found several, but mishaps put us back in a holding pattern.

I was reminded by a friend, that things happen for a reason. I pondered that for several weeks because so many other good things were unfolding right in front of us.

We decided to stop looking for a while and enjoy our surroundings.

Robert took me canoeing one day and it was the most fun I’ve had in a really long time.  We just floated along relaxing, sharing conversation and laughing. 

My camera was handy, so I snagged some neat shots along the way. Caddo Lake is a mystical natural experience; it feels like home.

Nothing else mattered in that moment, including how we’ve been living or where we would end up.
I witnessed many neat things that day and we also ran into an awesome friend who took that first photo. 

Awareness from a long time ago surfaced to, “see the good” because it really does exist. This was a decision I made to myself when we decided to live a simpler life.  Good is the action of light and where there is light you will see miles of good. 
The right moment for you to begin seeing the good starts now.

See the Good,