Hello, I'm Carole West the face behind this blog. I've been writing for years and my focus is to share the good. I'm a believer through positive thinking anyone can thrive.

My writing success began from my retired blog, Garden Up Green. I have also been published in several national magazines in reference to gardening & homesteading. I must admit though, my heart shines when I publish a new book

Public Speaking was another achievement and prior to 2020 I taught workshops for Texas Home and Garden. Later I brought those classes closer to home by teaching wood craft workshops; it was a great experience.  

I stepped away from all that activity because I needed to regroup and take some time for myself.  This wasn't easy, but I was in a rut and knew that I was being led to do other things.

Challenges and Gifts

The break has been interesting and at times demanding. We moved from NE Texas to East Texas where I discovered swamp country is my paradise. My husband and I have been contracting our own barndominium and talk about a "challenge" of a lifetime. This project has been long and thankfully we're nestled in the countryside to ease some of that overwhelm.  

So, why did I return to blogging?  Among other things, I enjoy writing, always have and miss sharing my heart. Today, I find myself in a great place spiritually, where I recognize my weaknesses and see my gifts as a blessing.  

I have recently narrowed down some of those talents to begin a journey about seeing the good.

A Broader Writing Path & Services

When I published this space, I honestly wasn't sure where it was going.  I directed my writing down a broader path by selecting 4 categories that reflect value.  I'm also a doer and this will come through when you read in "good notions" and "good ideas." If you enjoy home cooking, then my recipes in "good food" will keep you coming back for more.

Most of all I am really excited about sharing my art.  This has been a lifelong dream to return to drawing and watercolor painting.  Mixing color with water is a calming practice and most everything I create is inspired by nature.

We all have a story and for me, the most important surfaces around staying home to raise our children. It wasn't easy and I couldn't have accomplished any of this without my husband Robert.  He is the best, his love and belief in my abilities encourages me daily.  I've learned to wear many hats and I've realized these self-taught skills hold value. Perhaps my services can help share your story in addition to improving your online presence. 

It's my hope you recharge when reading and Reach out anytime with questions.

See the Good,

Current side activity, I'm writing the Garden Up Green book.  
This will include all the tips and DIY projects from my retired blog and a few new ones.