See the Good



I am Carole West a quiet person who enjoys life in the countryside. I have always been inspired by nature, this is where I see the good and share that beauty through my gifts. 

For me writing began through journaling then one day I dove into blogging. I remember the first time I clicked publish, it was like opening a window to new opportunities.  

Years later, in 2014 I launched the Garden Up Green blog and what a ride.  During that period, I started freelancing for several national magazines which led to publishing books about raising quail and gardening. 

Things were moving quick and public speaking followed where I taught workshops for Texas Home and Garden. After several years of traveling to the city I decided bringing those classes closer to home was a better fit.  

It was a crazy time; my growth was explosive and just when I thought things were getting quiet Hometalk flew me to New York City for one of their planning sessions.  I had never traveled to the east coast; it was an amazing opportunity.

I mention these details because I am a believer anything is possible.  Someone once told me I could not be a freelance writer until I was found… “I sat there for a moment and thought, but I’m not lost.”

In the summer of 2020, I made a bold decision to shut everything down.  Here's the honest truth, I was tired of niche writing, my lifestyle was changing and I really needed a break. 

My Return to Blogging

The break has been interesting. We moved from NE Texas to East Texas where I discovered swamp country is my paradise.  From there my husband and I contracted our own home; that was a "challenge" of a lifetime. 

My return to blogging surfaced shortly after our move with a message to see the good.  I believe now more than ever we need to see and implement goodness.

This time around I created a broader writing path that represents real life and making things happen. My lifestyle is the heartbeat behind this blog organized in four categories. 

Gift Sharing

I believe that sharing our God given talents is vital to a thriving society. We all have multiple abilities; these gifts mold who we are in addition to telling our story.  

What a lot of people don't know about me is that I stayed home to raise our children. Those days were important, they were also busy and I did not always get it right.  With so many neat memories I do remember that I never stopped trying to be a good mom. 

My best years have been spent with my husband Robert. Everything we do is rooted in love and his support and belief in my abilities encourages me daily.  

To say I have been blessed would be an understatement.  To say my time is done would be ridiculous because I'm just getting started.  It is my hope you recharge when reading and seek to implement the goodness I share. 

See the Good,

2024 Goals: Painting weekly, establishing a new garden and completing the Garden Up Green book.