Black Bayou Coffee Roasters at Jonesville General Store


If we’ve met, then you know I like my coffee and you also know that I’ m very particular. My husband says it’s because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and maybe he’s right?

I wasn’t always a coffee drinker but one day in my twenties, I arrived at work tired over the holiday season.  This probably was not the best course of action, and more than likely it was the result of staying up late the night prior doing who knows what?  

I couldn’t keep up with the other designers and was completely out of focus, so my co-worker friend suggested I get a coffee from the cart.

I worked in a high-end shop as a florist, and we had an actual “Seattle’s Best” coffee cart inside the building.  I thought, “what could it hurt?”

I ordered a “warm mocha” thirty minutes later I was full speed ahead and talking nonstop.
I was the “quiet designer” and I remember a co-worker saying, “we knew you had something to say.”

I’ve been drinking coffee ever since not because it offers an energy boost but because when made with quality beans it’s actually very good. 

My preferred morning coffee now consists of 2 shots of espresso mixed with a little honey, cinnamon and steamed unsweetened almond milk.   

I make this every morning and yes, I grind my own beans.

I’ve tried many different coffee brands and blends over the years and very few stand up to the continental blend, dark roast from Black Bayou Coffee Roasters.  Course it took a good 30 years to track down this coffee company and it was by complete surprise.

I was out and about one day and decided to make a stop into Jonesville General Store. It’s located right outside of Waskom, Texas and I thought it was an antique store; in a way it sort of is like that.
It's actually called, T.C. Lindsey & Co. General Store but the building says Jonesville.

After walking inside, it felt like I was stepping into history and immediately fell in love. 

They had a coffee display with packages of beans and when I noticed the word “Bayou” my attention was lazer focused. Before leaving, I purchased the 10lb. medium roast and left with smile.

Whenever I try a new coffee, I always select the medium roast first. This blend was good, but days later I returned for the continental blend dark roast. This blend was fantastic and I’ve been hooked ever since.
Truth is, that it can be difficult to find a good dark roast because many times the beans have been over roasted and taste bitter. 

If you’re a coffee drinker like me and looking for a good bean to brew, try Black Bayou Coffee Roasters.  You can get it at Jonesville General Store.

There’s no kick back for this coffee referral, I just wanted to share my morning brew. Black Bayou coffee is out of Shreveport, and you can also visit them online.