A Lady and Her Axe


Clearing land with an new axe turn lady into grit

A lady with an Axe would defiantly be a good description for my personality.  Over time there have been many other words used to describe me and I will admit some have not been kind. I’m okay with that because I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be.

For the people who have gotten to actually know me, I’d like to think they appreciate that I'm the kind of person who shows up to be me. Sometimes I appear to be a well-dressed lady, where a lot of the time, I can be found with a knife on my belt as I trail through the land. 

Now, let me tell you about my new axe and how it was acquired.

How I Acquired This Axe

Last month Robert and I were alternates for the Texas GOP State Convention.  We were seated to be delegates and spent three days in a political arena with the focus to do good.

This convention is huge, and it was held in Houston. We were blessed to stay with his sister where we could regroup outside the city.  

We showed up early the first day and after we got our credentials there was plenty of time to walk through the vendor hall. Every kind of political booth you can imagine was there and honestly it was overwhelming.  Since it was early it wasn’t that crowded, we walked from one booth to the other.

When we reached Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, they were passing out, “Axe Property Tax" sponges. Robert got one for his sister and when I looked to the left of the table I said, “I want that one” it was a real axe, and it was nice.

Very quickly I was told it was for a drawing, a free drawing no less so I entered.  Good little marketing avenue because now I get their weekly emails.

A couple days moving forward, I completely forgot about that drawing. Saturday morning came and while I was in my delegate seat, I got a text that said, you won!

I was excited because y’all I never win anything.  I quickly went to claim my prize and returned to my seat with a huge smile on my face.

Robert was even more excited and some of the friends we have made this last year were also excited for me.  I heard quite often, “very fitting for me to win.” 

Not Afraid to Clear Land

A Lady not Afraid to Clear Land

I’m a lady who doesn’t fear hard work like clearing land.  So, I told Robert this axe wasn’t going to sit on the shelf, I was planning on using it towards future endeavors. 

Last week, early in the morning we began clearing at one our properties.  Not a huge project just clearing a path for an upcoming survey. 

Robert handles the direction to make sure we’re on the right path and uses the chain saw for large tree removal. I was going after vines with thorns and small tree limbs because it’s kind of fun to watch them fall in record speed. 

As I was plowing through and having great success, it left little time to think about the public appearances we would be making later in the week.

After two mornings of clearing, my arms looked like I had been in a cat fight or worse.

Where the idea of wearing a long sleeve shirt did cross my mind, I'm just going to say this, it’s difficult to move fast with sleeves. Especially when they will just get ripped.

Instead, I wear fitted clothing so I can move fast and get the job done.

Your Lady with an Axe

When we approached the weekend I said to Robert, “sorry I’m just not much of a lady.” 

My arms were covered in scratches and needless to say, I was a mess.  I thought about wearing a long sleeve blouse again, but it was 100 degrees.

He said to me, you should be proud of how hard you work. I agreed and said, “I’m your lady with an Axe.”

I guess if my personality could be properly summed up it would go like this. I’m an unpredictable lady with grit and nobody will ever be able to predict my next move.