Painting Without A Plan


Painting without a plan

The day started with a list of things to do and to my surprise the tasks at hand were completed quicker than expected.

Interacting with the public was not in the cards so I went to my watercolor basket and decided to paint.
There was no plan, and I didn’t have the desire to sketch so I said to myself, “paint without a plan and let it go.”

I needed this moment to tune everything out because sometimes the noise is loud. So loud that everything around me becomes a blur.

Watercolor painting without a plan

Before I could put water and color to paper, I decided music was also necessary. My selection surfaced around David Lanz, because piano music drives my soul into a mystic sunlight.
I traveled through a Whiter Shade of Pale and Cristofori’sDream bringing me to a sense of calm that filled the air with good.

I had no idea what would become of each piece, and it didn’t matter. A few ended up in the trash and these two are being sent to a special friend. 

Someone I miss and wish it was possible to offer a surprise visit. Simply to give her a hug and share a long conversation over coffee.

At this time, a mail drop will have to do and it’s my hope this mystic sunlight will bring a smile.

Watercolor Card of mystic sunlight

It’s not easy to paint without a plan but for this time, I wanted to watch the colors flow through water and blend. This is a relaxing activity especially when accompanied by music.

Detail just didn’t matter, sometimes there is too much detail in this life.  Maybe if we let the colors flow more often and stand bright in his grace, we would be better off.  

You know, it’s the simplest things that speak the loudest. 

I was reminded that you don’t always need a plan and sometimes you don’t even need people to get you back on track.

You just need the gifts you’ve been blessed with to pull you back.