Fall Ideas from Hearth and Vine


DIY Dried Orange Garland Made with Fragrant Botanicals

Believe it or not fall is right around the corner. My sweet friend Patti over at Hearth and Vine has an amazing inventory of projects that will inspire creativity for natural fall ideas.

We met several years ago when I was blogging through Garden Up Green.  I arrived one day on her blog and felt right at home. 

You will notice that the majority of her projects are very simple and similar to my own way of doing things. All these years later I'm still reading and enjoying every visit back. 

We live many miles apart, have never met in person but yet I know if I ever need anything I can reach out and she’s right there to help. 

Patti is just one of the neatest people, has such a great heart and I’m determined that one day we will eventually connect in person and have a blast.

Alcohol Ink Pumpkins for Easy Fun Fall Decor

With fall around the corner, I wanted to take you on a stroll through Hearth and Vine for some decorating ideas using natural elements. Make sure you also look through her creations using "alcohol ink" these projects are many of my favorites.

What I love about her site is that everything is categorized perfectly.  For instance, under “Decorate” you will find the seasons.  When you scroll down to ‘Fall D├ęcor” click it to uncover 3 or more pages of amazing projects she’s made to decorate her home.

Our style is very similar, and she carefully uses natural elements in a way that warms the heart.
You will also find additional wonderful things on her blog so once you browse through fall, click through her Recipes, DIY Projects and Gardening categories. 

A free guide to many fall ideas from hearth and vine

Words are a gift; she uses them in a beautiful way towards explaining things. Writing instructions isn't easy and she breezes through the details without a lot of back stories. 

This is something that I really appreciate because it’s easy to get sidetracked and not be able to go back and find what you were looking for.

Currently if you go to her website, she is offering a “Free DIY Series” for fresh and easy fall decorating.  I highly recommend getting this so you can begin your way to establishing a warm fall environment that will make you proud.

Fall ideas from hearth and Vine is a win, win experience.  I have no doubt you will visit her website often and "see the good" that she shares on a weekly basis.   


All photography by Patti Estep, visit my friend at Hearth and Vine

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