Getting My Hands Dirty

Discovery new soil and what the future holds for growing a garden

Many of you know that my husband and I are currently in the middle of a huge undertaking. This involves finishing the inside of our new home.  It’s a simple house in the shape of a rectangle so this isn't a complicated project, it’s just for me slightly overwhelming.

Mainly this is because I’ve never approached a project with so many steps. We completed a huge remodel years ago on our family farm but looking back, that was no big deal compared to this task.

It is however very exciting and when I get overwhelmed or feel like I have nothing to contribute I often wander outside where my heart feels full.

So, a few days ago I stepped outside to get my hands dirty.  We had some sugar cane starters that needed to be transplanted and my poor herbs were desperately or even begging for my attention.

You would never know I was once an avid gardener by looking at these plants.  It's sad to admit but the last three years have been spent away from gardening. 

If being honest my heart prefers to be amongst nature where the lessons never end and growing is continuous.

a beautiful day to transplant herbs and spend time outside in nature.

The joy of that afternoon was honestly getting my hands in this amazing soil.  It is very different from where I've lived in the past and I'm looking forward to what I will be able to accomplish.

It's a combination of sand and clay, where some might frown my heart is warm because I know how to make this work.  

It's interesting because here I am at 54 starting from square one and I couldn't be happier. I'm going to be using my own garden books to help me get back on track towards doing what I love.

Sometimes getting your hands dirty is nothing more than a reminder that God has you exactly where he wants you. Good things in addition to new ideas are right around the corner.

If you're looking to get started gardening, check out my garden books on amazon.  I will have them available until my new book, Garden Up Green is published in 2023.  As always see the good and grow good ideas.