Herbs For Sale Book Review


Herbs For Sale by Lee Sturdivant Book Review.  An excellent book for anyone seeking to start their own herb business on their farm or homestead.

For the past few months, I’ve been doing my own research on flower farming and recently growing herbs for sale.  Which is interesting because I have my own book on how to grow herbs.

Let me tell you up front, growing herbs for personal use and then growing to sell are two different things.

This book, Herbs for Sale was an absolute gem. Up front it helped me realize that I liked the idea but didn’t really have the desire to grow herbs on a large scale for wholesale or retail. 

A few months ago, I uncovered the same was true towards flower farming.  Sometimes when you read about the business side of a niche you will figure out instantly if that is what you really want to pursue before diving in. 

This author, Lee Sturdivant has an amazing way of putting it all together and she included many interviews with other herb farmers across the country. This book was written in the 90’s and many of those businesses are still active today.

She includes a variety of resources that will take you to the internet to see if not only they are still in business but how they evolved over the years to meet the needs of their customers and the changing times.

Many herb farmers do a variety of things and some only open their farms one day a week.  This book was such an interesting read and I chuckled when they referenced “Kinkos” during her sit down with Jim Long in Missouri.

Where some might look at this book as out of date, I found it to be right on target with where we are today and it was written beautifully.

This book is an essential read for anyone interested in owning an herb business. Even if you already have an established location the ideas on how you can expand are endless. 

Lee Sturdivant was upfront; I would recommend Herbs for Sale as the perfect beginners guide. Growing and marketing herbs where you live is truly achievable. 

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