The Five Star Plan Books

The Five Star Plan books on Replacing Politicians with Patriots review.

The Five Star Plan books are politically based but not in the way one might think.

I’m going to first offer a little back story because the author, Robert West, is my husband.  For years, I have been telling him to write a book because he’s intelligent and an excellent communicator.

To say I’m proud of him would be an understatement but it’s true.

He is a man who has studied history, loves to read and thinks through things long term. Robert doesn’t make hasty decisions and when the facts are in front of him, he has the ability to process and lay out a clear solution. 

I’m thankful we’ve been blessed to share our lives together; there’s never a dull moment and he has encouraged me repeatedly to get out of my comfort zone to do good.  Sometimes he’s a pain but I can say that because we’ve been married for over 30 years. 

I love that he chose to be bold and write these books and continues to write many great articles.

Do I agree with him on everything? Absolutely not but who agrees with anyone 100% of the time?  
In 2020 when everyone was complaining, he finally decided to write a book with the goal to end politics as a career and make a positive impact in our government.

Will his goal happen overnight, no way, but can it happen?  Absolutely, if real people step up. 

From the beginning I was on board because its common sense based and achievable. As Robert has said so many times, we are the owner operators.

He recently had an interview in Dallas where Jeff Crilley referred to him as one man on a mission. 

That is a powerful statement because there are a lot of people that don’t like what he’s doing.  These are mostly careerist or people seeking to get into politics as a career. 

A Five Star Review and why this is the most important read for anyone wanting to protect liberty with a real plan working in Texas politics.

The Five Star Plan, Replacing Politicians with Patriots

Let me dive into his books, with the first being “The Five Star Plan, Replacing Politicians with Patriots.”  This is my favorite because there is a lot of information crammed into this gem. 

He clearly answers, “What can I do?”  He gets asked this all the time and the beauty of this question is that there is no short answer.  The approach given in his book is easy to comprehend and it’s a game changer.

It walks you through how to take back your state and country and anyone can use it.  But here’s the thing, it only works when all the pieces are implemented together.

He mentions the Precinct Chair position because he was a PC when we lived in Delta County.  The Precinct Chairs hold a lot of power but the party and elected don’t want you to know about that.  Don’t worry, because it’s all in the book.

TFSP has many faucets including running for office, who to recruit and what it takes to win.
The reviews are phenomenal and Senator Bob Hall wrote the forward. Robert refers to him as the best Texas Senator who has ever served.  

Guess what, Bob never served in office before being elected to the Texas Senate.

This book is an easy read and one that I highly recommend if you are concerned with the direction our country is headed. If you are not paying attention, that direction is over the cliff.

Take your concerns and put them into positive action because if “we the people” do nothing, we will be the ones to blame if this current path continues. Get this quick read, you will not be disappointed.

Second book by author Robert West with detailed steps to solve government problems.

Practical Solutions for America

The Second book, Practical Solutions for America is about fixing problems our government created.  If you are thinking this is an updated version of his first book, then you would be 100% wrong.  This one offers a list of issues, then he shares possible solutions and who you would need to approach for a resolution.

Think of these chapters as a template because the list of problems our government continues to cause is endless.  The list of issues increases daily in this book he also dives into what he calls “the middle” of this journey to replace career politicians with patriots.

This book brings forward what I mentioned earlier, “his ability to process and lay out a clear solution."

Robert has traveled and worked all over the world.  He brings facts to the table and real-life experience, something that is missing in today’s world view.

My favorite chapters in this book circle around how to solve "Crime and Immigration."  These solutions are very detailed and when you finish reading you say, “that could work.”

I’m pretty sure for those reading this book they will see that every problem we face has been created by our government.  Which brings us back to his first book, The Five Star Plan, Replacing Politicians with Patriots.

Robert says often that neither party are representing the voters and I agree with that statement 100%.

If I can leave you with one thing it would be this, we are all qualified to serve. We the people should be more concerned with what will happen to “the land of the free” if we choose not to serve.  Read The Five Star Plan books and be the solution. 

See the good,


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