Organize Kitchen with Canvas Bins


Organizing a kitchen using natural canvas bins.

We’re currently spending part of our time finishing our house project while we wait for it to stop raining. I've been organizing this new kitchen and originally, I wanted to use baskets, but I settled with canvas bins.

This room has sort of evolved because the first kitchen plan was very different.  We ended up building our own cabinets and I’m thrilled with how they turned out.  I also went with several open cabinets and shelving which means display needs to look clean because I cannot stand clutter.

To begin I started looking for baskets in shops and online.  I had planned on spending several hundred dollars which wasn’t a big deal, but I couldn’t find the right sizes in the style I liked.  The time it was taking to find what I wanted became time consuming and I was running out of patience.

So, one day while we were driving, I did an amazon search for canvas baskets.  It was a long shot and it brought me to finding these canvas bins.

I liked the idea of bins over baskets and with that natural look I was excited.  If being honest it really doesn’t take a whole lot for me to get excited because it’s the simple things that bring me the greatest joy.

Organizing kitchen cupboards

KITCSTI Storage Baskets

These canvas bins are actually called KITCSTI storage baskets; I found the motherload because they're also made in many colors. The rope handles are an added bonus and the size options sold me right away.

The price was right too and for a little over a hundred dollars I had just what I needed and then some.  I might have over purchased but there's no doubt I can find a place to use the rest.

Everyone keeps telling me you can never have enough storage space and I may be convinced.

These baskets come in a variety of sizes and colors

Choosing Canvas Bin Size

I went with three different sizes for the kitchen because I'm organizing a lot of different things including a snack shelf.  I also have goals for future projects that include making organic soap and cleaning products; these bins are going to be great for all that stuff.

I purchased the following sizes and most of them come in packages of three.

They offer additional sizes and colors along with strong stitching on the inside lining and the bin itself. All in all, this was a great purchase and I'm really excited about getting this kitchen organized.  


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