Learning to be and Stop Jumping


Reflections on the bayou about life.

This last year has taught me that "learning to be" is about choice and "stop jumping" is an action of choice. 

Sometimes my mind is on a pinwheel, it spins at a speed that I cannot seem to reach and when I finally catch up something else grabs my attention.  Like earlier this week when cooler temperatures arrived for about a day.

I stopped doing, grabbed my camera and said, “embrace where you are, take it in and breathe.” I was at the dock off the bayou when tears rolled down my face.  Not sad tears just tears of thanks, tears of tired, tears of forgiveness, just tears...

I was standing alone and taking in one of the most beautiful landscapes I could ever imagine.  Flocks of cranes were sweeping by; fish were jumping and dragon flies were swarming when I realized the toll this last year has taken.

My husband and I do a lot and we give so much, but contracting our own home might have been the icing on the cake for me.  As we continue working towards the finish line, I have been reflecting on the obstacles. Not just about the house but in all the other things we work towards.

Deep Moments of Overwhelm

In those deep moments when the overwhelm immediately takes over, all I really want to do is scream and sometimes I do internally.

It can feel like everybody wants something, but when we need something, nobody is there. 

When this happens only God can help calm my frustration, but recently I have been fighting that too. 

Why do we fight it? That's a good question and when I tuned out the colors of life, pulling into the black and white this is when the overwhelm became clear. 

That voice of calm and warmth brought me to a place that I desperately needed by softly saying, learn to be and stop jumping...

Life in black white when the noise is just too loud.

Learning to be is a Choice

I could write about “learning to be” like chapters in a book but when I break it down it brings me to making a decision.  Life is about choices, this I know and focusing my attention on those simple details is where the calm shines incredibly bright.

There is a lot of deception in this world, there is also false hope in what some may think is good. Life is confusing and when I turn to shades of black and white everything becomes crystal clear.  

Find your crystal-clear moments and learn to be.

Stop Jumping the Action of Choice

When I mentioned my husband and I do a lot, that would be an understatement and no matter how much we do it never seems to be enough. But enough for who and why does “who” matter?

Stop jumping could be related to multiple things but the fact is that jumping is an action and where to jump is a choice. 

When we jump towards value, we add value to our lives and others.  But when we jump towards things that take away value, we can weaken every piece of our being. 

Learning to be is letting go and stop jumping is to slow down and view life in color and black and white.