Butterscotch & Dark Chocolate Mixed Nut Clusters


Made with almonds and macadamia nuts

Our home is never filled with an abundance of holiday baking.  We keep sweets to a minimum but every year I do enjoy making homemade candy.  

Recently, I was reminded of a melted combination using semi sweet and butterscotch.  It was a cluster type of candy and I wanted to do something similar but different.

So, I selected just a few ingredients from "Aldi Grocery" to make these butterscotch and dark chocolate mixed nut clusters.  You could use any nut combination and most people select peanuts.  I went with sea salted macadamia and almonds.

Clean up is a breeze with this candy treat when you use a crockpot.

Ingredients and Crock Pot Melting

My shopping list was very simple and everything came from Aldi Grocery.  Prices were good but any grocery store should have what you need in the baking aisle.

    • 12oz Dark Chocolate Morsels
    • 12oz. Butterscotch Morsels
    • 12oz. Sea Salted Almonds
    • 12oz. Sea Salted Macadamia 

The first step is to plug in your crock pot and set it on high for quick melting. Add both bags of chips then cover for a minute while it begins the melting process. Normally this will start on the sides of the crock pot.

Begin stirring until the mixture is nice and creamy then blend in the nuts until they are covered. This will take no more than about 15 minutes and when finished reset the crock pot to the warm mode.

How to melt chocolate morsels usign a crock pot.

Prep Clusters and Chill

Now you are going to take a teaspoon and drop a cluster onto wax paper and place in the fridge for 10 or 15 minutes until they are firm.

Finish by removing each candy from the wax paper and store in a container prior to serving.  We keep ours in the fridge for about a week but normally they don't last long.  

Clean-up is a breeze and now you have a little sweet treat to enjoy over any holiday.  These mixed nut clusters would also make a great gift delivered in a fancy little box.

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