Watercolor Ornaments with Essential oils


The scent of peppermint with handmade watercolor tree ornaments

I had a creative spell recently and made paper watercolor ornaments using essential oils; this was inspired by a friend’s project.  My goal was to duplicate her idea because I was taken with the simplicity. 

When I finally sat down to put everything together my ideas went off road and watercolors with the scent of peppermint became my focus.  There are several steps and each one is pretty simple so I'm going to walk you through this project.  It's a great way to burn through an afternoon and it's fun for all ages.

A list of supplies to make watercolor ornaments.

Ornament Supply List & Steps

I am guessing you have most of these supplies around the house or perhaps you can pick them up on your next trip to the craft store. I have also linked a few through Amazon for your convenience.

Any essential oil scent will do, I like peppermint because it has a nice zing to it and reminds me of the holiday season.  Peppermint oil is also good for releasing allergy headaches which is a perk this time of year.

Step 1 Begin with printing the shape of a tree onto your brown card stock.  Drawing or using a cookie cutter shape is also a quick option.  Once you have your pattern transferred onto paper, cut out with scissors and repeat until you have a stack of trees. 

Step 2 For scented ornaments use one drop of peppermint essential oil onto the center of each brown tree.  Let it soak in before we bring everything together.

Step 3 Use two or three sheets of watercolor paper and apply free form painting on each.  These pages will need to dry and more may be necessary depending on how many ornaments you plan to make.  When the paper is ready to use, create another tree pattern smaller than your brown shapes.  You will need one watercolor tree for the oil side of the brown cutout.

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Final steps to your watercolor ornaments.

Step 4 Take two trees, apply glue stick on the back side of your watercolor to secure to the brown tree. They will want to fold off so place the ornament between two thick books for about 10 minutes allowing them to flatten and dry.

Step 5 When glue is dry insert a whole punch on top and add twine to hang. 

Ornaments are finished now share with friends or decorate

Decorate or Share with Friends

These ornaments could be used for so many things including a car freshener.  I am hanging mine indoors onto some tree branches for decoration and the rest were mailed to friends. 

This is a neat way to spend time being creative and like I mentioned earlier it is an excellent project for all ages.  I hope you enjoy making your own watercolor ornaments with essential oils.

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