Easy Grilled Salmon with Lime and Spice


Cook salmon at home with just a few ingredients for amazing flavor

Many of you don't know this but I was a "Fishermans daughter" and eating salmon weekly was a way of life.  Looking back sometimes it may have been twice a week. My dad normally brought home the "seal bit" salmon because they couldn't be sold to the cannery or in his market.  

We ate fish all the time and my mom "canned" dozens of jars for quick access over the winter months.  It wasn't until I moved away that I really appreciated a nice fillet of salmon, in particular I remember a holiday when my dad grilled it for dinner.  

Robert and I even had salmon served at our wedding. He was the first in line to get his share and I knew from that moment I would be cooking it often.  

There are multiple ways to create a meal using this healthy fish; the best in my opinion is over a bed of wood coals. Today I'm sharing my amazing grilled salmon that takes less than 10 minutes to prep and about 20 minutes to cook.  We're also using three additional ingredients that you absolutely cannot substitute or skip.

Three ingredients to make the perfect grilled salmon

Grilled Salmon Ingredients

For me there is no substitute for a fresh fillet of salmon. You can attempt to use frozen but I'm telling you up front it won't taste the same.  Also, the health benefits of eating fresh salmon will always be greater.  My dad used to say, "seafood is heart food" that is something I agree with.

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Steps to make the best grilled salmon at home.

Steps to Grill Salmon on Coals

We live in the countryside, so I do all my grilling outside over wood. To begin start by getting a nice fire going and letting it fizzle into a nice bed of coals.  This will be hot so be careful and use common sense to keep from getting burned. If this isn't your skillset then by all means use a propane grill or get someone to help.

To prepare the salmon, first wash it in clean water and lay on a blanket of double lined foil.  This is to keep from making a mess during transportation.  Then load up the raw salmon with three cut up pieces of butter, squeeze the lime juice over the salmon evenly and sprinkle seasoning over the top.  

The last thing is to completely cover the salmon with additional foil, fold the edges together and place on top of the grill for 20 minutes.  Make sure the lid is closed with the vents open. 

Your coals will be around 400 plus degrees so it will cook pretty fast.  Prior to removing from the grill carefully open the foil to see if it's completely cooked before serving.  The fish will be very moist, sitting in juice and separate in flakes.  Now all you have to do place a portion onto a plate with a green salad or rice and enjoy. 

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Grill salmon at home for a fraction of the price