Lemon and Cilantro Baked Swai Fish


Baked with lemon, veggies and cilantro

My husband recently brought home Swai fish.  I had never heard of it, so I did a little research and learned it’s imported from Vietnam.  I wasn't overjoyed with some of the other things I read but it was here and I don't believe in wasting food.

I'm guessing at some point I've probably had it in a restaurant and didn't even realize it because Swai is a mild fish and quite comparable to catfish.

I was pretty sure by itself it would taste bland, so I used several ingredients to bring out a zesty flavor. This recipe is super easy and you can change out the veggies if preferred. 

How I baked Swai fish with a few ingredients.


You probably have a lot of these ingredients on hand and the fish can be found at most grocery stores. 

    • 2 Swai Fish Fillets frozen or thawed.
    • One red sweet pepper chopped.
    • ¼ cup chopped white onion.
    • 1 lemon slice for juice.
    • Salt Grass 7 Seasoning Spice - linked to amazon.
    • Olive oil
    • Fresh Cilantro chopped.
    • 4 mushrooms sliced.
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Prepare to Bake

In a 9-inch glass dish place washed fish fillets so they slightly overlap and sprinkle with olive oil and seasoning.  I used less than ½ teaspoon of the Salt Grass 7 seasoning.   Then take the lemon wedge and add the juice over both pieces of fish.  Follow up with chopped onions, chopped sweet pepper and sliced mushrooms.

Place in the oven and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  It might need to cook longer if the Swai is not completely thawed. When done move fish to a serving plate and add cooked veggies with some of the juice from the pan and sprinkle with fresh cut cilantro.  This dish is perfect for two served with a side of rice or just by itself.   Enjoy!

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