Starting Seeds without Stress


Starting Seeds with what you have and a book update.

I started germinating seeds for spring gardening. It was a stress-free afternoon, mainly because I kept things simple and used what I had.  My one-time purchase included a box of Jiffy pods and going through my grandpa’s lunch pail where I store all my seeds.

Can you believe I was gifted such a treasure?  He brought his lunch to work daily until he retired and get this, he rode his bike to work.  He came to this country from Italy after WW1 and for whatever reason he never got his driver’s license.  I always thought that was interesting.

I have been hoarding an heirloom inventory in his lunch pail for years and what fun to finally sort through my seeds. Larger seeds, like bean and watermelon will be germinated outdoors, directly in the soil about the middle of March where I live. 

Perhaps you have already started seeds in your home?  If so let me know what you will be planting.

Getting the garden going without breaking the bank.

Starting Seeds Ideas

People have been germinating seeds for decades and the thing is, this activity is not difficult. Most importantly it does not have to be expensive, and it makes sense to start indoors. Plant prices are ridiculous and I do not see this improving.  Shop online or direct from a nursery where you will find a variety of supplies.  My advice, select what works for you and stick with it. 

So, I have taken the liberty to share additional ideas for small or medium size gardens. Like mentioned earlier, I am using jiffy pellets and recycled containers from meat and fruit produce packaging. They were the perfect size for my window seal.

Using jiffy pods and recycled containers to start seeds.

Additional Seed Starting Ideas

If you read my garden blog from back in the day, then you know every season I tried something new.  I thought it would be fun to pull some ideas from other bloggers in case you might be looking for additional ideas.

Large Scale Ideas

If you are seeking to germinate on a much larger scale, then I’m guessing you may have already begun.  If not investigate seed blocking, this is a technique that involves making soil blocks.  Visit The Gardener's Workshop for supplies.

I have a friend who flower farms and uses this technique.  Her first-year farming was successful and she made blocking look very easy.  If you are growing for profit, then I would recommend a more professional system to germinate seeds.  Any financial loss from "seeds to harvest" can be significant to your bottom line.  Careful planning will always be the key to your success.  

For me, this year starting seeds is about getting back into the swing of things and filling my winter afternoons with positive activity prior to spring.  You can bet I will have a nice variety to transplant when that time comes.  I can also see where I may be adding some additional flower beds very soon. 

Finding a treasure that I thought was gone.

In the meantime, I wanted to share an update on my book, Garden Up Green.  This book is basically my retired blog that I wrote from 2014-2020.  This project has been a labor of love; I even put it to pasture for a year while we were building our home.  At one point, I wasn’t even sure if I would return to finish.

Then one January afternoon my husband walked into my art studio with a stack of magazines.  He laid them on my table where I was sitting as I just sat there for a moment in disbelief.  I thought we had lost them for good in the move. These magazines hold my published articles from when I was freelance writing.

This moment was like a sign and between the smile on my face and the warmth in my heart I decided it was time to open that book file one more time. When I started reading inspiration began to surface so I set a new goal to finish in 2024.   I’m spending about an hour sometimes two on this project writing from four to five days a week. 

This has been a big undertaking because organizing 6 years of content and sharing it in a way that also tells a story is no easy task.  I have 8 chapters left out of 16 and yes, my most popular DIY projects will be included. 

This is strictly a garden book, for all the quail writing you may enjoy reading, Ground Raised Quail. 

I want to thank you all for sticking around because it means the world to me.  To my new readers thank you for subscribing and it is my hope you enjoy your stay.  

See the good,