A Season to Bloom


Featuring "Becoming" Original watercolor by Carole West

April has become our rainy month with breaks of sunshine.  This unique weather has given me additional indoor time for painting “A Season to Bloom.”  This is a new collection in my art gallery where I recently added larger original watercolors.

Last week I shared an Instagram story explaining where my inspiration is rooted because it could be said my real-life activity covers a wide range.  All of which is organized around the weather because for the most part I am outdoors this time of year unless it is raining.

So, when it rains, I like to paint, write and cook.  I sort of hibernate into a creative bubble and sometimes I also like to just sit and read or watch old movies.  My husband and I both kid each other about how "boring" we are.  

New Watercolor Art By Carole West added to her A Season to Bloom Collection.

New Gallery Additions

My new gallery additions are some of my favorites and I must admit they are hard to part with, especially the "floret original."

These pieces were inspired by the unique colors of green on our property and a recent walk with Kramer.   I am really looking forward to my garden providing additional inspiration over the summer.  Having the opportunity to paint with a variety of blooming color will be spectacular.  

I also doubled up my bookmarks and please note that I’m offering free shipping on every purchase. This makes things easier for you and me.  Thank you for taking a peak and I would love to know what you think.  Reach out!

See the Good,
Carole West