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I put together a special offer that includes two of my favorite outlets, writing and my art.  The result, This Day is your Masterpiece eBook, a 7-day devotional focused on key areas to help encourage balance. 

A masterpiece is something you work on to make better.  Improving each day is what many of us strive for but sometimes our life gets cluttered.  Things pile up and it can feel almost impossible to get back on track.

If we were to sit and chat, I believe we could unravel many topics and quickly realize that we live in a crazy time, we always have.  Drama is popular and we notice it more because over the last 20 years we have witnessed explosive technical growth.

This technical boom has brought forward positive and negative results.  With everything being a click away, it is interesting how generations have become less content and less satisfied.

I often see in my own feeds where people are pondering about the good old days. Most of the time this reference is from the 80’s and honestly maybe I am dilutional but that was not very long ago.

I would agree that life was simpler then, life felt less controlled and there was less media clutter.  Overall, it was a time when it appeared easier to tune out and get back to what was important. 

I was a teen back then so perhaps I am missing something. I do remember things were just as chaotic in the 80's as they are today.  Tensions grow, people divide and we have forgotten to give thanks. 

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So, this Good Notions Devotional is an opportunity to get away from all that for 7 days.  A time to think about what you can do in your own life to improve what is right in front of you.

It is an opportunity to ponder thoughts and begin looking at life in a way that many miss.  Do not think of this gift as me telling you what to do because it is not.  This is me sharing a journey and admitting that life is not easy but sometimes perspective can turn everything around.

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See the good,
Carole West