SPLF Reusable Kitchen Bags


An awesome silicone reusable bags you will be glad you purchased.

There are times when I find a product and I am blown away by the quality.  These SPLF reusable kitchen bags blew me away; they are 100% better than what I was previously using.

Since the move into our home, I have been organizing and reorganizing my kitchen to make it functional and easy to navigate.  I have also been looking to simplify some of the ongoing expenses.  Things like plastic bags because like some of you I have been purchasing easy to seal bags for years.

With prices going up and shrink flation on the rise I have noticed the quality of plastic bags is the pits.  Freezer bags appear thinner and without a doubt they always get that awful ice buildup.

So, I decided enough already and went on a search to find reusable silicone kitchen bags.  I did a lot of brand comparisons and that’s when I found SPLF on amazon.

I started with an assortment because I was not sure if I was going to like them.  Something about washing bags didn’t sound like an activity I would call fun.  I got over that real quick because I was impressed with quality.

When I am impressed, I will shop again and my second purchased was specifically for freezing meat. 

Reusable kitchen bags perfect for freezing.

Pleased Beyond Measure

I debated sharing this product on my blog because let's be honest, I’m not a very good, "influencer."  This company nailed it when they created this product line so here I am.
SPLF stands for "Simple Life" and that's what I'm after because I don't have time to be bogged down with a million kitchen gadgets.  Currently I only purchase what I need to have a productive kitchen.

I am pleased beyond measure with this product line but here is the thing you should read about their product for yourself.  You will be able to view everything in addition finding what I have purchased.  

For convenience I linked everything below.
Purchasing is easy direct on Amazon and keep in mind they have bags for fridge, freezer and cabinet food storage.  They also carry a nice inventory for laundry. 

These easy to seal bags can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand.  The best part they are affordable and will save you money long term because I'm pretty sure these high prices are here to stay.  Give them a try you will be very pleased. 

See the Good,
Carole West

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