Learn to Homestead Quail for Eggs and Meat

Learn how to Raise quail on the ground

Up front I’m going to tell you first off that writing a post about a book you have personally written is really hard. You’re basically asking people who you don’t know to trust you with the knowledge you’re sharing.

Thoughts of insecurity transpire, what will they think?  Will they leave negative reviews?  Or worse, “Will someone grab my content and use it as their own?”

These are things I use to think about whenever I hit publish.  It didn’t matter if I was writing a blog post, freelance article for a magazine or writing a book.

How did I overcome it? I had to grow up and simply trust myself to do good.

To do the best job possible because the reality is you can’t change the minds of people and their actions are quite often a reflection of where they are at in life.  

In fact, in my book, I have a favorite chapter, “Quail Opportunities.” This section of the book tells the reader how they could expand their quail journey and make additional income if desired.

One of these examples included creating workshops where they live, and I encourage folks to use the projects in my book and the book itself to help them teach the class. 

When I wrote those words, my first thoughts were, “wow, I have really grown up.”
That my friends felt good, but believe me when I say, “I have a lot more growing up to do.”

Ground Raised Quail Dive In

Now let’s dive into what this book is really about, it’s my entire journey raising quail on the ground.  How I got started, what I learned along the way and how you can do the same. 

I cover many topics and I could list them all, but you can go to Amazon and read over the table contents on their website. 

Simply click “look inside” the information is grand; it’s probably why it took me so long to publish because I didn’t want to miss anything.

Learn how to raise coturnix and native quail for the purpose of eggs and meat.

Why Raise Quail at all? 

So why would anyone want to raise quail and why in the world on the ground?  Heck, what does that even mean, raising quail on the ground?

First and foremost, this book was written specifically for people seeking self-reliance where they live. That could be on a small homestead, a farm and also in your backyard.

These birds might be small, but they are amazing. They also have a very short life span of 4 years.  I always raised quail for the purpose of eggs and meat.

In the book, I cover how to do just that, including how to process for meat and what egg production looks like for coturnix and native quail breeds. 

I didn’t skip a beat because there’s more to it than just buying some quail, sticking them into a brooder and hoping you will just figure it out. 

Why I Chose to Raise Quail on the Ground

Raising quail on the ground was a natural progression and truly a no brainer.  I researched a lot at first and found out that breeders were housing quail in wire cages.  

I couldn’t believe it and my first thought was, “I wouldn’t want to live on wire.”

God created these amazing birds specifically to live on the ground and the idea of placing them in cages where their feet couldn’t touch the soil wasn’t going to work on our land.  

We did everything on our small farm as natural as possible, and I did the same raising quail.  I studied these birds for hours, which led to days, months and years of personal research.

It was amazing and I can hardly wait to get back to it. 

So "Ground Raised Quail" isn’t just a book to help you learn how to raise quail for the purpose of eggs and meat.  I also share the many Bobwhite quail I released back to nature. 

This is a book with a story, one that helped me become a better person.  It also helped me see that sometimes it’s the simplest things we do in life that bring us the greatest joy.