Vintage Art Table from Uncertain Flea Market

Scouting Flea Market and found a vintage art table

Earlier last week in my travels, I noticed signs for the Uncertain Flea Market.  Do you attend markets or are you one that prefers antique stores or modern retail? I prefer the first two and I’m beginning to skip modern retail more often.

Over the weekend I decided to venture out by myself, the bayou was calling.  I love this area, the people are friendly, relaxed and real. They are simply my kind of people…

When I arrived, it was hot and humid, and they had fans blowing but no air conditioning.  My first thought was I should have arrived in the morning; my second thought was, suck it up buttercup.

I went inside and spent over an hour browsing with hopes of finding nothing.  I was seeking more of a scenery change than shopping and I was in the right place to do just that. 

For me, this was a good time to roam and take a step back to remember the things we put aside when life changes. These are the materials that seem to last forever regardless of when and where we hand them off.

They had everything, nothing that I really needed but as I walked from one row to the other, I realized that almost everything for sale still worked.  Many of these items still had a purpose, and there wasn't a “shelf life” like so many things we buy today. 

Honestly, how many times have you purchased something and 6 months later it was broken or stopped working?  Or my favorite it's replaced with a so called "better" version. 

I continued to stroll and found a couple DVD’s because I'm also tired of present-day entertainment.  Then prior to leaving I noticed this ceramic bowl, made in the USA for $5. 

While this vendor was looking for a box, I spotted some needle point chairs that instantly reminded me of my grandmother’s home. He took note and pointed out they went with a table. 

About the same time, I noticed this other table that was piled with dishes. He was eager to make a sale, so he quickly started to relocate them. 

Tonge and Grove table

He pointed out the details which included "tongue and grove" and immediately marked off $50, I would be getting a vintage mahogany table and two chairs for $100. 

Well, I’m frugal and do love a good deal but this piece wasn’t about price. It was about my new art table, and it was perfect. This table smelled like history and had enough scuff marks to tell a story. 

I remember a month ago telling Robert, my art table was out there; I will know it when I see it.  His response was short with almost a questionable “okay” followed by, “whatever you want.”

I recalled that conversation while I was looking at that table and now it sits in storage waiting for the day we are settled into our home.  

Uncertain Texas Flea Market where I found my vintage art table

Finding this vintage table at the Uncertain Flea Market was a “gem purchase” but it wasn’t the highlight of that afternoon. The high point were the conversations exchanged that really spoke to my heart.  

The warmth, real and friendly atmosphere that really isn’t hard to find if you are willing to seek it. 
Finding a place similar to this where you live also isn’t difficult. I would suggest searching through your favorite browser or go on social media platforms where many are listed.  Your local chamber of commerce may even have listings to share. 

Whenever I want to regroup or find just a little flicker of hope this is what I do, I venture out, interact and listen to what is circulating around me. 

There is good among so many and good is where you will find hope. Sometimes you might even find a piece of neat furniture that will serve with a purpose.


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