How to be True to Yourself


how to be true to yourself

The month of July ended with expressive thoughts on each day being a masterpiece. That post led me to dive further into the seven tips I mentioned from a book that I’ve been reading. Which I finished last week, and it was amazing.  Robert is now reading it.

My goal is to complete this 7-piece series before the end of 2022. So, I’m beginning with the first tip and it’s big, “be true to yourself.”

How many times have you heard someone say, “be true to yourself?”

I will be honest, very few have shared that sentiment and that’s really sad. 

This concept was something I taught myself at an early age by watching others, but I didn’t have a name for it.  I do however remember the first time I heard something similar; the message came from a childhood friend.

Her wording was different and if my memory is correct, we were in our teens when she said, “Carole is different because she follows her instincts.”

She was actually defending me from a group of girls who were saying unkind things.  You see, where I grew up if you didn’t “follow the crowd” you became a target.

It’s unfortunate but when you are ‘true to yourself” you can also become an outcast. But let’s be real this can happen at any age.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that when you choose to live with purpose, other folks just might not get it and they also might not like it.

Living with a vision sounds great and even looks good on paper but the reaction can be very different.  The attitude you may receive may even be painful.

The response defines the difference between people who are leaders and people who are followers.

understanding what the benefit is of being true to yourself

What is the Benefit of Being True

So, you might wonder, what is the benefit of being true to yourself? 

I will tell you right up front; it definitely does not win you a large group of friends. But I will say this, it helps you weed through who is real and who is not.  

Being true offers the opportunity to meet people you can respect and trust.

But above all of that, being true offers something greater than you can ever imagine.  Something that you can’t really see but something you can feel and witness as it penetrates through the air.

Being true to yourself is knowing why you were given this life.

It’s knowing that our heavenly father placed you here for a specific purpose.

Too many times though, the path he wants us to travel is forgotten. This can happen to anyone so when I’m involved in activity, I often take a quick inventory when things heat up.

Something simple like,” is this work for the kingdom or this earth.”

To stay on track, I place God first and continuously remind myself this, “he is why I’m here” and if what I’m doing can help grow the kingdom well then, I keep moving forward.

Even if it means surrounding myself with folks who don’t like me.

A list of examples to implement towards being true

Ways to be True

There are ways to be true and this will be different for everyone because we are all unique and live in a time where we’re all walking a different path.

The road has become disfigured, with cracks that are crumbling so how do we stay truthful?

      • Get real with yourself, if you are walking lost stop doing it.
      • Know your gifts and offer them where they will not be wasted.
      • Be realistic when people ask you to do something and remember it’s okay to say no.
      • Do not waste time with people who do not want your help.
      • Stay away from negative nellies, this alone will bring instant peace.
      • Do something nice for yourself here and there.
      • Own your mistakes, learn from them and forgive.
      • Learn how to listen and respond when the timing is right. 

These are just a few things that I do to remain true; that last one was something my brother Gary shared with me a long time ago.

My complete list is rather long but the one that I didn’t include, that is the most important begins with scripture.

Read your bible daily without a companion, for it is in his word where all the answers are given.  This book is where you will find love, peace and learn how to be true to yourself.