This Day is Your Masterpiece

Learning how to begin the day with a routine and implement tips to see things in a positive light.

Every day we are blessed with is a masterpiece because it’s brand new. The possibilities are endless and if you are like me then I bet at times you even feel unstoppable. I will tell you right off, it took me years to really begin seeing things in this way.

I must admit that when I awake, I don’t always feel like my day is going to be amazing.  It’s not until I get rolling with my morning routine, a cup of coffee, reading and prayer that things begin to take shape. The day is brighter, and it makes all the difference. 

I have had to discipline myself to follow through because it’s easy to get distracted and let me say, I can always tell when I skip a day.  I’m off just a little and things tend to bother me more.  Silly things that I have absolutely no control over.

Then as the day moves on, normally when I’m in the mix of cooking dinner I will write in my gratitude journal. I shared that book with y’all back in June.  This is something new that I’ve recently implemented, and it’s been a game changer.

So, what other things can we do for ourselves that help us see each day as a masterpiece?  That’s a question I was asking myself a few days ago.

I believe if we view every day as a beautiful piece of art, we’re setting ourselves up for doing good without even thinking about it.

I have a photographer friend who takes amazing sunset images.  He sees God’s work through a lens and every time he clicks, he captures a masterpiece.

He shares these images on social media, at art shows and has also put a few into books. This is how he sometimes chooses to end his day, almost like a routine.  He uses that creative element he was blessed with, and it feeds his soul. 

It’s an opportunity to see something bigger than himself and a reminder he’s not in control.  He’s taken this gift and uses it as a positive outlet for others to enjoy.

Photographer Rick Parent sharing sunsets

Reading in the Morning

I want to touch on my morning reading, because this has become my favorite time, my head is clear, and it sets the stage for how I’m going to handle the rest of the day. I’m currently reading this awesome book, by John C Maxwell, where I was introduced to 7 lines of good notions.

These Seven tips first sounded familiar because I realized that many of these, I was already doing.  Like a subconscious implementation and it fascinated me.

I decided why not write them down on an index card. So, I did, and I’ve been reading each one daily to help me stay focused.  They are a reminder that God is using me for his work and not mans.

These Tips Include

Each line speaks to my soul in a very loud way, they are the key elements to creating a day with purpose, a masterpiece. Let me add that each phrase is a reminder to stand up with a positive attitude, a way to detour negativity and a way to rise above what we cannot control.

Wasting Time and Your Masterpiece

I believe time is wasted on things we have absolutely no control over. We’re all guilty of this but it takes a conscious effort and the ability to trust before we stop wasting that time.

What I like to remember most is, that this life was never about what we wanted, nor is it really about us, at least that’s how I see it. It’s about doing good; it’s about sharing your gifts and it’s about reaching out to help strangers without looking for credit.

It’s about listening, seeing that good around us and setting a positive example. 

Those seven phrases that I shared from a morning read, that’s how your day becomes a masterpiece.  In the next several weeks I’m going to share my thoughts on each one.

This will be a spontaneous journey that may take several months to share. I have no doubt that we will finish before the end of this year, 2022 and in the mix, I will cover how I’ve been able to improve my day with each one. 


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