Drink Deeply from Good Books

Start with the bible and other books that add value to your life.


My heart was heavy this morning as I read the seven good notions.

Number four reads, to drink deeply from good books, especially the bible. This was the next article in a series I’ve been writing, and I was avoiding this one. 

Mainly because I don’t believe anyone wants to hear they should be reading their bible.

I’m not sure that people like to be told to do anything these days, but I know from experience that reading the bible from cover to cover is an incredible journey.

A journey that offered me complete understanding why reading every word is key. It also helped me understand the world we live in, and I continue to read on a regular basis.

Now days when I pick up my bible, I am led by the spirit as to which chapter, I will read next. 

Reading is a Gift

Reading is a valuable gift, and our selections can often define where we are at in life. I have found that positive information and truth add purpose to each day.

For me, drinking deeply from good books is about adding value to who we are.
Reading the bible daily is what I believe God intended.  Just imagine what this world would look like if we exchanged all the hours wasted on social media or tv and replaced them with reading good books.

As a people we would be better, we might even become resourceful and hopefully less self-serving.


I would like to encourage you to take the journey to engage with material that adds value to your life. Learn something new and do not just depend on books to provide valuable reading.

Many times, articles can be another avenue of purposeful reading. I have shared several good book reviews in "Good Ideas" and over time I will be adding more. In the meantime, check out what is already posted and stay tuned for more. 


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