New Beginnings and Raised Bed Gardening


Working in the soil to create a new raised bed garden

The weather has been fantastic, in the 70’s and at times overcast.  Honestly, I couldn’t ask for much more and I finally removed myself from heavy distractions so I could rediscover “new beginnings” in our raised bed garden.

I ended up redoing what we had started a few months ago due to shifting from rainfall. I liked what we created previously, but I just knew with our soil those heavy corners would always shift after rain and that would drive me crazy.  

So instead of nine beds I went with six and established each one on more of a flat surface.  The slop is still present and that’s where I plan to build our outdoor 8-foot dinner table.

When we lived on our farm, we had a large picnic table that Robert built for our family; I want to bring that back.  I love eating outside amongst nature, that good idea revives my soul.

Raised beds with cement corners from Home Depot and pine boards

Raised Bed Brick Corners and Boards

My garden progress was pretty fantastic, the soil smelled like a piece of heaven and talk about fluffy.  I feel so blessed to be working with dirt that’s been sitting still for 150 years.

I’ve been sharing some of these images on Instagram and several people have messaged asking where I got those corners and what are they made of.  Originally, we were going to cast our own corners but after months of pouring aircrete walls I was not interested in waiting for homemade bricks to dry.

Instead, we went to Home Depot and picked out a bundle of their concrete planter wall blocks.  They were priced rather modest and I really like them.  Getting the ground level was a bit of a challenge and I can see where a few adjustments may be necessary once I begin filling them with soil.

I used three tools, a shovel, rake and this nifty little tiller from Home Depot to break up the ground.

The boards are pine and they were sealed with a natural clear coating a few months ago.  You can see they are slightly discoloring which I really like.  They will eventually blend beautifully with the pine trees in the background.

Fill the empty raised beds with amazing soil

Next Up

Next up is to clear that back area where the weeds took over. My soil pile has been waiting on me to be relocated; apparently, I was busy, the weeds grew then took over and now I need to address it. I'm actually excited to get started.  

There is nothing better than working outside and breathing in that wonderful fresh air while you make progress.  What could be better? Well maybe a furry friend as my garden companion but that too will come when the time is right.

This garden really does feel like a new beginning.  I’ve got several projects brewing before this space will be ready for planting. Sign up for my newsletter below, so you don't miss them.  

See the Good,