Pray for Guidance and Everyday Blessings

Pray for guidance, count and give thanks for your blessings every day

Pray for guidance, count and give thanks for your blessings every day.  This is yet another step towards living a life that creates a masterpiece worth living.

The other morning Robert and I got an early start to the property.  It was the day after Christmas, and it was cold.  I was rambling as the sun began to rise and while pointing to the sky Robert said, “look at that, it’s like an upside-down planet.”

The clouds had formed perfectly with the rising sun, and it was breath taking. We drove past our turn to get a closer look when I said, “stop the truck, I want to take a picture.”

It was one of those moments when I had wished my good camera was with me. The phone would have to do because I wanted to capture this view.

We set aside a few moments to enjoy this gift and it seemed to guide the rest of our day. It set the mood and reminded me to be thankful for the everyday blessings that circle around.

There are so many simple blessings surrounding our lives and they're often missed because we waste energy on what is unimportant.

I’m guilty of this in many ways and have decided this will be the one thing I improve on as we approach 2023. 

This isn’t a new year resolution just deciding not to waste time on the distractions that take away from our lives.

My gratitude journal has been a huge help, but I have noticed there is still room for improvement. 
Maybe the same is true for you? What is that one thing that keeps you from seeing your everyday blessings?

Pray for guidance daily to see the good around you because my friends, it’s a much better way to live.

Printable with 7 attributes for a masterpiece kind of day

This concludes the masterpiece series I’ve been writing since July.  I will tell you that each post was written through experience and divine inspiration from the holy spirit.

Originally, I wrote these 7 attributes on an index card to help me stay focused, now I have them on fancier paper. The idea was to improve my outlook in a world that I have to say is unsettling.  Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed this series.


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