Make Every Day Your Masterpiece

a journey towards making every day your masterpiece

I’ve been writing a series that began with, this day is your masterpiece. This journey has taken us down a long dirt road that will end with about 7 articles. 

So just in case you missed the first three I’m going to link them below for your convenience.

Believe me when I say I'm no expert on any of these topics, but when I came across these 7 attributes, they spoke to me. At different times in my life, there have been situations I had to figure out on my own or things that I actually implemented based on common sense.

In this post we continue with, make every day your masterpiece.  This one pretty much co exists with the first one. So, let’s get off the gravel road for just a moment by letting me say, "we're never going to find perfection this side of paradise."

My husband shared that sentiment with me years ago and scripture backs that up.

So maybe instead of trying for perfect, or a masterpiece, maybe we should try for better? Better just means we want "improvements" and there is nothing wrong with that.  

So why do so many people settle for less? This is a question I have asked myself over and over.
I often believe it’s due to being short sighted but then I’m reminded of a simple message from long ago.

I was probably around 15 and it drove me slightly mad. 

It was another sentiment, “Make it a Great day.”  

Whenever I was in a bad mood or down in the dumps, I would hear this again and again.  I believe it bothered me because sometimes it's just easier to get frustrated at something you don't want to hear, especially when it's true.

Fast forward to a simpler time when I hear those words, I smile because they actually place whatever is happening in perspective. 

It also shows me how much I've grown over the course of my lifetime, and I bet the same is true for you.

How we go through life with a positive attitude to rise above the negative.

A masterpiece for me equates to something just a little better with creativity surrounding those ideas. Sort of like sharing the gifts we’ve been blessed with, and this will look different for everyone.

I do firmly believe if we awake with the idea that we can decide to make every day our masterpiece then things move at a better pace.

This life is about growing from the inside out and the truth is we should never stop unless we are called to stop. It’s when we grow within and uncover our gifts that we are making it a great day.