Helping Others for Generations

Helping Others and what that can look like

For generations there has always been a level of comfort that comes from helping others. I have no doubt that my own family tree could share a mixture of stories on how their experiences made them feel.  

But where does the ability of “helping” really come from and why is it important?  I believe it comes straight from the heart and that is why “helping others” looks diverse among generations.
For just a moment I want you to imagine replacing the words “helping others" with doing good.

We are Called to Help

As individuals we are called to help; the example was set for us long before we took our first breathe.   
The giver gives, this is what they do and who they are, some might say it’s even genetic. But I believe it comes from within; you can be the example of good and live an honest existence, but it takes effort.

This brings us to the giver who gives but expects something in return. Then the most disturbing personality is the one who takes without giving back.  

Both of these examples are earthly, and this is the world we have always lived in; that’s why it’s important to have discernment.

But even with all these characteristics we are called to help and there are several positive outcomes that transpire when we reach out. 

They are all important because they encourage growth. I’m going to focus on three “positives” because they come to mind at the snap of my fingertips.

      • Connection – Important because people are hurting.
      • Happiness – This comes from within not by helping.
      • Purpose – So many people are seeking a life purpose.

Connection Happiness and Purpose is part of the positive results of helping others.

Connecting with Others

When I was younger and even today, I have always had a difficult time connecting with people.  I’m a quiet gal yet detailed to the core and simply don’t require an abundance of interaction to exist.

Yet, I have always recognized that we live in a world of hurting people. This is probably because I was one for a long time.

True connection with others comes from being honest. So, when you are trying to help someone, be truthful from the beginning. Even if things go wrong at least you were not the one misleading. 

In time you will cultivate true connections where others will be willing to receive and be grateful.
As my husband says, just keep sifting…

Happiness Through Helping

Sometimes it seems like there is a belief system saying, “If we are helping, it will lead us to happiness.” That is completely untrue and if someone has told you this they are lying.

Happiness comes from within, and our heavenly father knows if our effort is centered around his purpose or our own.

As I get older, I’m very selective where I offer my time because people will take without hesitation.  Learn this as you travel with each step and help where you will be appreciated.

Practice discernment and you will find peace and happiness at the same time.

Purpose of Doing Good

Deep down don’t we all want a purpose? For many a purpose is what drives us each and every day and for some, it’s the reason to get out of bed in the morning.

That purpose could be anything and it doesn't need to be earth shacking either because helping others is completely imperfect. 

But smile bright and know that when we choose to do good, positive connections will lead us to happiness and purpose will follow if you are doing it for the right reasons.

In the beginning I mentioned to stay focused towards doing good and allow the spirit to live inside your heart. Look for direction through Christ and don't be led to lean on your own understanding. Always seek to grow and let me leave you with this, you don’t always need to be the giver…  Sometimes it’s good to let others help you. 

- Carole 

This post is a 7-part series I'm hoping to finish before the end of this year. 

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