One Room Schoolhouse in the Piney Woods


Schoolhouse located in Marshall Texas

If you read my blog, then you know in the last few weeks I’ve been working part time downtown Marshall at the Foodie.  The benefit of this little endeavor is that I get to meet some really neat people.

So let me tell you about Nicole and her one room schoolhouse in the piney woods of Marshall.  Our first interaction was through her awesome daughters with great questions about gardening in East Texas.  

They came in to purchase heirloom seeds and it was a neat interaction. It gave me hope for the future.
Then a week later the mom, Nicole came in with one of her daughters and what a pleasure it was to meet her. We were on the same page about so many things, and I could have chatted with her for hours.

Just an absolute beautiful soul and she began telling me about her one room schoolhouse. 
My heart beamed with joy because she is offering an incredible gift to the Marshall community and surrounding areas.  

Anybody could do this same thing where they live and that’s another reason why I wanted to take the time to share her one room classroom.

One Room Classroom

First, when I say “one room classroom” what is the first thing that pops into your mind? For me it’s the tv show, “Little house on the Prairie.”  It was my absolute favorite and while growing up I tuned in every Monday night whenever possible.

I often imagined how neat it would be to live during that period and attend school in a simple setting.  See I didn’t like school at all, I found it to be dark and toxic, but I had to go because it was the law.

So, from age 5 to 19 I spent most of my life in a building that felt misguided.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the people were good but they didn’t have my best interests at heart. 
For me, public school felt like prison, the buildings also sort of looked as such with the option to leave after 3pm.

I would often sit at my desk at different ages wondering what it would be like to learn somewhere else.
I was quite the "day dreamer" so you can imagine when graduation day finally came, so did this newfound freedom I was seeking.

What is a one room classroom

The Small Class Size

As Nicole states on her website

The small classroom sizes allow every student to get to know the other which forges friendships and builds community between families at a time in the world where face to face connections are a treasure.
The Christian environment means that each child is valued as an individual created by God for his good purposes and that children will be taught to treat one another how they want to be treated inside and outside of class.

What she is offering isn’t anything new, it’s basically a vintage education.  Nicole has been a homeschool mom for years and what she is doing on her property is amazing.

She has taken what she’s been blessed with to do good.  As a retired homeschool mom, I love this!!

Schoolhouse in the Piney Woods

It’s my hope that if you are in Marshall, Texas or live in the surrounding area and seeking educational options for your children that you visit her website, One Room Schoolhouse in the Piney Woods

She also has a blog you may want to read. Reach out to Nicole, she is a wealth of information and a wonderful asset to East Texas.

For those far away take a look at what she is doing. This might just be the example you would like to offer in your community.  You may even enjoy what this church is doing in Baytown, Texas.

Good things are happening, and this energy can spread. All it takes is one and the next time you meet someone who homeschools, thank them because they are raising the best and the brightest for the future of our state and country.


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