Faith Leadership Christian Academy


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of hearing my husband speak at a small church in Baytown, Texas.  When we walked inside my heart felt warm. It reminded me of another small church, we attended in Little Elm.

The group was small which was also nice because it gave us the opportunity to talk to everyone.  Beautiful people and within minutes I found myself visiting with the Pastor's wife.  She started telling me about their school, Faith Leadership Christian Academy.

At one time her husband taught in a private school, and she was a homeschool mom.  Immediately we had something in common because I also homeschooled our kids. Her love and joy for this school project was warm and yet powerful. 

They are a beautiful family, led by the spirit of Christ, you could just see and feel it.  

I could have talked with her for hours because we were on the same page about so many things.  It’s very rare to meet people who have the same passion, “to do good" it’s out there friends so never stop looking for it.

What I’m finding, when you walk with Christ you don’t really have to look for the good, it will find you.

Building Faith Developing Leaders

Their school is focused on building faith because let’s face it, without Christ in our lives we have chaos.  You don’t have to look very far to comprehend that statement.

They are also on a mission towards developing leaders.  That I absolutely love because years ago when I was a homeschooling mom, I remember telling both my kids this, “one day homeschooled adults will lead this country back to greatness.”

The majority of homeschoolers have the foundation of a classical education. I’m not saying that homeschool kids are better.  I’m saying their education is solid and grounded on Christian principles. 

This means they know and understand the sacrifices our founders made so that we could have the freedom to worship Christ and spread his message.  They also understand the freedom to learn, because as long as we are breathing, we never stop learning.

Perhaps this is not true of all homeschoolers, but defiantly the majority. 

I know that was true in our home because in my own journey I remember saying to my husband, you can’t teach history or government correctly without the word of God.

Any subject for that matter because it all leads back to the beginning.

Follow Their Lead

So, on our drive home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the good they were doing with the tools God had provided. Their building wasn’t fancy, nor did it cost millions to build.  

Here’s the thing, you don’t need millions to do good folks, you just need the desire.
I thought, they’re setting the example for all churches across Texas and in our nation. These church buildings sit empty all week and for what?  

Why would you spend that kind of money and not use them to do God’s work every day?

Just two people, choosing to do good, that's how progress begins everyone.

They now have 32 students, and the parents are also involved. I'd like to encourage you to go through their Facebook page and see all the neat activities they participate in.  Look at the smiles and see the love of Christ from the children and the adults involved.

This is what God intended, it’s biblical and I’d like to encourage everyone reading this to visit their website. 

If you think this is something your church could implement reach out to Shane and Julie Perez.  I have no doubt they can help guide your path.

Let me leave you with this.  You will never fix the public education system until you get the government out of education. Drain the buildings and get your kids in an environment where they can thrive.


Faith Leadership Christian Academy Website

Faith Leadership Christian Academy Facebook Page

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