Build a Shelter Against a Rainy Day

An inspirational read with one simple wish for you.

Building a shelter against a rainy day reminds me of so many things. I could even connect it with our current project of building a home but I’m not going to do that.

The thing is I’ve had my share of rainy days and sometimes I’m prepared for the fall and other times they have caught me completely off guard and brought me to my knees. 

But the thing is every time no matter what the situation it was my shelter in Christ that got me through.  This has been true my entire life, that’s a lot of years because I’m currently 54.

The best part of growing a relationship in Christ, is that it takes you to a place of understanding what God has truly planned for your life.  Sometimes I can physically see it and other times I can feel it before it even arrives.

I honestly believe that building a shelter against a rainy day has everything to do with living in his light, listening to his message and allowing the almighty to speak to our heart. So how did I get here?

Well, I will tell you it has taken me a lifetime to find this kind of peace and it didn’t happen by listening to others speak nor did it happen by sitting on a church pew.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that because I do enjoy attending church services. I just don’t have this strong desire to be connected with one group of people or a building, that’s just not who I am.

I believe we are to do as Christ did and connect with the lost and share the light.  It’s nothing more than being kind and I have to say sometimes that’s just easier to do with complete strangers.

What I’m trying to say, it was when I stopped listening to everyone’s advice, well everything changed.
I guess if I had to pinpoint the time and place it began when we were living on our family farm; this is when I started to really grow.  There is something about working the land and scripture that connects our soul with a purpose.

I placed my faith in the word of God and decided to trust him to guide the way.  Was it easy? Absolutely not and there are days when I still struggle because we live in an incredibly difficult world.

But when you are in that light, brushing off the dust to keep moving forward becomes a lot easier.  You also recover a lot faster, and you make decisions easier.

It can be difficult at first and my wish to you is that perhaps you will build a shelter against a rainy day in Christ.


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