Fall Watercolors with Round Brushes

Painting a Fall Leaf using Black Velvet Round brushes

The temperatures dropped and there was nothing for me to do.  Imagine that nothing to do or maybe nothing that I really wanted to do?

I couldn't help myself, there was an opportunity to paint a few fall watercolors and I went for it.
I set up a temporary painting space in our unfinished home and for about an hour I sat to create the unknown.

I love black velvet round brushes and here 's why

Watercolor with Round Brushes

Quickly I noticed my paper supply was running out, but I had just enough to accomplish three small pieces that I plan to use for cards later.

In that moment, I wanted to paint with my Black Velvet Round Brushes. I settled on #8 with a vision for using all three but my choice for just one was excellent.

These brushes are amazing and if you have ever wanted to dabble in watercolors, I highly recommend getting started with the three-pack made from Squirrel hair and synthetic fibers. 

These brushes are fantastic and the perfect blend because they allow the brush to hold a lot of water and pigment. When you apply to paper you get a soft approach that flows beautifully especially if you are using high grade watercolor paper.

You can do more with high quality brushes and that is why I have decided to expand my brush inventory once we finish the house and I’m busy getting settled into my new studio.  
I can hardly wait!

If you are looking for high quality watercolor brushes check these out at Silver Brush Limited.

Just a few watercolor creations that I will turn into cards


The Pumpkin, Tree and Leaf

Let me share how these paintings unfolded because I quickly realized that for me it takes a little time to loosen up to accomplish what I’m after.

You’ll noticed my pumpkin is visible to the eye. There is nothing wrong with that, but I wanted something that was less apparent.

Which takes us to the tree.  This was fun and I really like how the colors moved together to create an element of surprise.  But the paper was all wrong on this one which brings me to the leaf.

Within seconds the leaf came together with little effort. Why the leaf, because it felt natural and not forced. Apparently, I was more relaxed with the third painting.

I sat still for a moment and looked at all three then smiled because each one was lacking deep detail.  See I was once a very detailed artist and where I did enjoy that look years ago it is just not where I am at now. 

I want to bring forward work that is mystical to the eye and makes you feel something.

These small paintings that I create here and there are showing me that I do have a future in bringing back my art after a 30-year hibernation.

If you also have a desire to work in watercolors, think about starting with the round brushes, you will be pleasantly surprised.


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