Building a Home and Being Grateful


What it's like to build a home from the inside.

I am no expert when it comes to building a home.  At times I even wonder why anyone would take on this task and I guess it comes down to getting what you want.

I’ve been blessed to live in many areas that all offered a unique lifestyle or setting.  Our current situation is probably the most interesting and I'll be glad when it’s over.

However, when I look back, it’s our family farm that really stands out.  It is where life made sense for a time.  Its where new skills were cultivated, where we finished raising our kids and where we also said good-bye to many of our loved pets and farm animals.

When we decided to settle back into a house it was a given that we would build on land. We also knew that our plans would look simple.

We have never lived “over the top” and with everything "going up" it was a journey to select a plan that we could both agree upon.

Building Your Home

I find that building your own home is definitely a journey, one with highs and lows. Robert and I have taken on a huge task and at times I think we are completely crazy. 
But when I take a step back from those thoughts, I remember that we have planned this home to meet our needs in addition to a few wants. 

Wants like, where the home was chosen to rest and settled on an angle for a specific reason.

You might notice from this artsy image, (check out GoArt) we settled with a barndominium shell.  I really like it and where the real work begins, is finishing the interior ourselves.

This is where we are at right now and nothing about this home is typical, including our air Crete walls. Which by the way are pretty cool and that's all Robert.

Being Grateful

Being grateful transpires daily, through the highs and the lows because doing this kind of work with your spouse is not easy.

Robert and I are both strong minded individuals and he moves faster and let’s not forget he actually knows what he’s doing. 

Where I have no clue most of the time, I am capable of learning and know how to take direction, so I complete a lot of the prep work to make his job less difficult. 

I don’t mind this because when I watch him work, I’m extremely grateful. There is nothing that he cannot accomplish and after 30 years of marriage he continues to amaze me.

He told me from the very beginning that this house was his love letter to me… It was basically his way of showing me how much he loves me.

I was speechless that day and said, “I already know how much.”  He responded with; "I know, but now you can see it…"

So, building a home is defiantly something to be grateful for but I am most thankful for my husband and the amazing life he continues to give me.