Essential Oils Book Review

Learn about essential oils on a large scale and find out how to create your own products with this book.

I started using all natural products in our home around 2005. I was a busy mom back then with two small children and was thrilled when I found a company I could trust.  I ditched everything and made the switch thinking I had a good handle on living healthier. When essential oils became a household name, I thought maybe I was missing something.

I've tried several oil brands and when I found this book, Essential Oils I thought it might be time to get serious.  I did a quick glance through the pages and the format was perfect.  The tagline really grabbed my attention, Natural Healing for Body and Soul.

I'm always wanting to expand my knowledge and for quite some time I have been very interested in possibly making my own products using simple recipes or even coming up with my own.

This Essential Oils book has been a gem; it was also quite inexpensive. They take a very straight forward approach without the fluff and everything is easy to implement.

Inside the book for plant profiles with detailed ready to use information for essential oils.

Essential Oil Profiles

The essential oil profiles section is loaded with every herb, flower and citrus transitioned into an oil.  It is fantastic, like a bible for essential oils. 

They cover key information, therapeutic properties, what the oil is used for and possible precautions. This is one area of the book that will be valuable as I continue to age and live the most natural life possible.  

In addition to profiles they also dive into carrier oils, like coconut, avocado and many more.  Again, all of this information leads the reader to the chapter I’m most excited about.

Recipes for making your own products using essential oils

Healing, Cleaning & Soap Applications

Towards the back is where my excitement takes off. The publisher includes recipes to make your own products for personal health, hygiene and cleaning the home. I can hardly wait to try these and create my own when we get settled. 

If you have the desire to live healthier and want to learn more about essentials oils, then let me recommend this awesome resource.  Right now, it is only $5 and it's loaded with information and probably the least expensive yet most valuable purchase you will make all year.

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