Tasty Instant Pot Shrimp Boil

An excellent and easy to make shrimp boil with a special seasoned butter dip

Our thanksgiving dinner was a little unique this year because it was also our son’s birthday. We settled on a shrimp boil that is super easy to make in the Instant Pot.  

This is something you might want to cook over the Christmas season if you enjoy seafood like our family does.

Let me recommend that you use fresh shrimp and don’t overlook the add on, homestead blend melted butter.  We use this butter to drizzle over the potatoes, corn and it’s also good for shrimp dipping.

This meal is southern style good; you will not be disappointed and special ingredients are linked for your convenience.

Shrimp Boil Ingredients

      • 32 oz. chicken broth
      • 1 cup water
      • 1 white onion sliced
      • 4 cloves of fresh garlic
      • 1 Sliced Lemon
      • 3 Tbsp. Louisiana boil seasoning mix (4 or 5 if you like it spicy)
      • 3 to 4 whole cloves
      • 1 lb. baby potatoes
      • 4 ears of corn, 2 split in half
      • 1 1/2 lbs. fresh shrimp

Homestead Melted Butter Ingredients

Put it all Together

Now that we have the ingredients let dive into making this because it goes fast using the instant pot.

Add the first 9 ingredients into your Instant Pot, set on high pressure cook for 4 minutes then do a quick release to let the steam out. 

Open the lid and add the shrimp at the top, I like to do a quick stir before closing and doing the final cook on high pressure for 1 minute. Let the steam out and serve in an open dish and dive in with the melted butter dip.

To make the homestead blend melted butter add the ingredients into a dish and zap in the microwave for less than a minute. You will have plenty of boil seasoning to make this again and again.  Enjoy!

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