Standing Up Against Fear


What it takes to stand up against fear.

Fear is everywhere and there have been many times when I had to face situations and decide, does fear win?

I think the bigger question is, “what are we actually afraid of?”   Maybe you can answer that better than I because I’m not foolish to think every person reading might have a different response.

For me one of my biggest fears is heights. The fear of falling might be a better term which is interesting because I have fallen more times with my feet on the ground. 

As I have been helping work on this house project, it occurred to me that moving forward at a quicker pace was a possibility if I was doing more than just prep and clean up. 

But this meant I had to get out of my comfort zone and stand up against my fear of heights. In my heart I knew this was possible because I've done it before.  

Years ago, I painted our two-story house by standing on a ladder to reach the second-floor ceilings. There was also a time when rock climbing was my thing. 

I was a lot younger then and my resilience may not be what it once was.  I knew this going forward and thought I can improve on that as well.

Standing tall to face my fear of heights thought pouring aircrete.

To speed things up, I decided I would do the rest of the aircrete pouring.  Let me first say, this is really good exercise.

The most important security step was to make sure I didn’t forget to lock the scaffold and the second was to not hit my head on the beams.  That second one took some time to master.

By the end of each day my nerves were shot because it’s all sort of a balancing act. But now, when I look around the house, there is a sense of pride and growth that is present.

I'm proud because I didn’t allow my fear to keep me from succeeding.  Too many times we keep ourselves from improving who we are based on, “the fear of the unknown.”

I’m here to say, nobody can predict the present or the future and if you hold yourself back based on fear you will never experience your true potential.

 Stand up against your fears and be smart about it while you step forward.

See the Good,