Learning to be Happy for Others


Good Notions on learning how to be happy for others.

Several years ago, my husband said to me, you know who your friends are when… “They are happy for you when you’re happy and sad for you when you’re sad.

Think about that for just a moment because when he said this, I looked at my life and realized that my list of real friendships was rather small.  I also noticed my life is filled with people who actually care if I show up or care if I fall into a swamp.

I must admit I'm not very good at reciprocating in friendship. As my life becomes less cluttered, I have begun to notice the important details and realize that being happy for others even if you don’t know someone very well is a really good feeling.

Sharing that happiness is a simplistic act of kindness and it can have a ripple effect. It’s an expression that means something, especially if it comes from the heart. 

Now wouldn’t it be great if we removed any sense of hesitation and learn to be happy for others.
How do you do that?  First, you decide and believe me this isn’t easy especially if you are going through trials or just stay so busy you miss certain things. 

Earlier this week, I received a text telling me my mom was back in the hospital.  For a moment I felt sadness, keeping my thoughts to myself as I normally do.  

In the next moment I reached out to a few people asking them to say a prayer, two responded and one did not.  Now I could have taken the one that didn’t respond and feel less than.

But here is the thing, I have no idea what their day looked like or even if they received the message, nor was I asking them to respond. Point being sometimes we can over think situations when we should just be thankful, we have good people in our lives to reach out to.

Sharing a couple examples of what learning to be happy for others looks like.

Go Out on a Limb

Most recently I have been watching some of my friends and new acquaintances basically go out on a limb.  One is starting a new flower farm where she lives in Colorado, another moved her business to a new town and a few others are putting themselves out there spiritually.

It’s been encouraging to watch from a distance and as for the connections nearby I’ve had the opportunity to slightly assist in some little way.  Reflecting on their activity brings me joy inside and out.

Going out on a limb can be extremely scary and I'm honestly happy for all of them.  It's neat to see good transpire and they have encouraged me to see my own gifts.  Almost daily I remind myself of past accomplishments, but in my heart, I feel like “I’m just getting started.” 

We’re all just getting started in some little way and it's my hope for those reading you take a digest about the positive things in your life and put more energy into that.

Grow from what is good and go out on a limb, who knows learning to be happy for others just might encourage your next step.