Jefferson Flower Market & Bakery

Intro to Jefferson Flower Market in Texas.

Several months ago, we were strolling through downtown when floating bubbles caught my attention.  They were traveling from Lafayette Street and I decided to find out why.

In just a few steps I arrived at Jefferson Flower Market & Bakery, I added the bakery part.

This business was a pleasant surprise because I enjoy visiting flower shops.  Years ago, I was a florist and at times I miss it.  

I have also dabbled in growing flowers to sell when we had our family farm and a severe drought vanished that dream. Moving forward I decided to focus my energy on writing.

The floral business is hard work and often overlooked or downplayed.  But there are many avenues to this holiday-based business and there is never a dull moment.

When I walked through the doors of this beautiful brick building, I embraced this flower market for all it had to offer.

Sweet Southern Butter Bars at Jefferson Flower Market come in many flavors.

The Bakery Part and Butter Bars

Everything in this shop was perfectly displayed and I found myself standing in front of an antique style bakery counter.  That’s when I was introduced to the “butter bars” from baker and floral designer, Sonia. 

I wasn’t expecting home baked goods inside a flower market but there they were.  Robert and I decided to split one and I was in heaven.  Since then, my favorite is the lemon raspberry, and I refuse to share.

With Spring in the air, additional flavors are now available like pineapple strawberry, key lime, chocolate caramel swirl and peach pie to name a few. 

My favorite pick is still the lemon raspberry and key lime is a close second. 

Sonia also offers additional baked treats that would be perfect for delivery with a vase of fresh flowers.

I just offered a gift idea for Mother’s Day y’all which is right around the corner.

Don't forget to add some fragrant potpourri as well.  

Visit Jefferson Flower Market in east Texas just follow the bubbles

Inside the Market

Having worked in a variety of flower shops for several years this market has it all. It is a mother and daughter operation who both enjoy doing custom work.

Let me explain, custom work is where detail is the focus to deliver a design that speaks for itself.

You are basically creating to please the customer and you must be able to listen to what they want and sometimes they won’t always know what they want.

This is where you should know when and what to suggest making their creation special and its own. 

This can be a rare find among small flower shops, so Jefferson is really blessed to have a local design team that enjoys custom floral arranging.

They are a full-service floral shop and my favorite part about visiting is they always say, “we appreciate you” it’s just a few simple words but a great reminder to keep shopping local
If you need to send flowers in the area, give them a call.  I recommend visiting, take a stroll through town and follow the bubbles till you get to Lafayette Street. Jefferson Flower Market can be found on Facebook or visit their website for faraway floral orders.


Updated Note: The Jefferson Flower Market closed in the fall of 2023. This building is now the home of The Lazy Draft, Western Boutique.  Read about my experience here