The Lazy Draft in Jefferson Texas


Sharing my favorite shop in Jefferson Texas that recently moved their location.

It is no secret that I love to shop and about once a month you can find me at The Lazy Draft in Jefferson Texas.  This is a western boutique with a personal touch that makes spending enjoyable. They have everything from custom hats, boots, jewelry, clothing, home décor and so much more.

Ken and Theresa recently moved their business to Lafayette Street in the DR. A.J. Woods Building.  Also, once home to the Jefferson Flower Market until they recently closed. 

This is one of my favorite downtown buildings, beginning with the double door entrance.  The original brick walls almost tell their own story and while browsing don’t forget to look up at the interior windows leading you to the draft clothing area.  This building embraces a beautiful historic vibe which adds to your shopping experience.  

A variety of hats for men and women, the best in East Texas.

The Lazy Draft Hat Bar

I visited recently to see if they could fix my winter hat.  During our move some things got lost, broken and well my green cowboy hat was yet another casualty. They gave it a good cleaning, ironed the brim and it looks like new.  

It even fits better, so stay tuned I may be updating my profile picture.

A variety of hats for all seasons at the lazy draft in Jefferson Texas.

They also have a “Hat Bar” where they can “custom make” a one-of-a-kind style just for you.  Or you can simply pick from their inventory because the selections are grand. 

If you leave Jefferson without a draft hat or pass on one of their hat accessories, then you have missed out.  Just the other day I noticed on their counter a beaver felt hat, it was so pretty.

They offer styles for all seasons with plans to teach workshops.  This means, you could learn how to make your own and have something to pass down for generations. Make sure to get on their email list for upcoming events or follow-on social media, these details can be found here.

Boots for everyone at Lazy Draft in Jefferson Texas

Boots for Everyone

If you live in Texas, you probably own at least one pair of boots, am I right?  I allow myself to own three pairs, one for work and two for casual or dress up. I currently have all three so when they increased their boot inventory I was in awe.

The quality and design grab my attention every time I visit. You will not find anything comparable in East Texas, and the prices are good. These boots are timeless, the details are one of a kind and what a blessing to know they are not far from home.

Lots of fun gifts for the home at Lazy Draft in Jefferson Texas

Home décor and Christmas Joy

With it being the Christmas season, they are completely decked out with a lot of fun merchandise for the home.  Do you like those lanterns?  Me too, I purchased the smaller one last month and it now resides on our kitchen island.  I love it!

They have a lot of neat farm and western style for the home.  Cow hides and statues for display and honestly too much stuff to list.

Over the holiday season they will be open 7 days a week until Christmas so if you can’t make it this way on the weekend come during the week.  That is another perk, they stay open when many other shops are closed. 

A shopping experience in a western boutique that is unforgettable.

A Weekend in Jefferson

Expect to browse a good hour to take in everything and ask questions because you will find that Theresa and Ken are really neat people. A lot of what is in their shop reflects their own western lifestyle.  They share a little of this on their website so I would like to encourage you to read their story.

I have only touched the surface of their growing inventory, additional images and online shopping are available if traveling isn't possible. But maybe it’s time to plan a holiday weekend to our historic little town of Jefferson.  If I’m right, then make sure to add The Lazy Draft to your list. I believe they are the only business in town that offers free merchandise delivery to all the local Bed and Breakfasts.  This way you don’t have to carry your purchases around town. How neat is that?

Come to Jefferson and who knows maybe we will run into each other.

See the Good,

The Lazy Draft Location: 112 West Lafayette Street, Jefferson Tx