The Art Studio Dream Becomes a Reality


As I sit in my studio to share these words, I look around this room and it’s everything I could have ever imagined

When I was very young, I had an art filled soul, I could draw and paint like a fast-flowing water fountain.  The ideas poured out and many times I believe it was the one thing that carried me through some very dark days.

I dreamed of having my own studio where I could create until my heart felt content.  It is funny though because as life went on, I learned that I didn’t need a specific place for my heart to feel that way.

Contentment came on its own, by learning to grow through those dark days and it took time. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was learning to forgive others and myself. I also had to learn to stop allowing others take advantage of me.

My art was pushed aside as the contentment grew and my dream of one day having a studio became cloudy. I was okay with that because I have had the most incredible life and if it all ended right now, I could say, “I was so blessed.”

But I’m not ready for that because my dream of having an art studio has become a reality.

The Art Studio dream came true.

For years people would tell me and still say today, that I have been given many gifts.  To be honest I have never really felt like I have lived or measured up to those words. 

God has blessed me beyond measure and I can see what most overlook; I have proven this multiple times. Even when things didn't turn out as I had hoped I learned something along the way.

As I sit in my studio to share these words, I look around this room and I'm amazed.  It is everything I could have ever imagined and more because my husband built it.  We have worked together on this space and every detail including the furniture has its own story.

I will share those stories later and even offer some DIY projects for the furniture.  Each piece helped bring forward this space and each one makes me smile.

Pondering thoughts as I write about this new art studio.

My goal today was to simply share this room because it’s done and I’m ready to begin creating. I will be putting watercolors to paper and I may even dabble back into pencil rendering.

My hope is to allow my ideas to symbolize the blessings of growth.  It’s been a journey that never ends because I keep trying to do good and see the good.

I have been blessed with this life and believe the same is true for those reading. Don’t give up on dreams because they can become a reality when the time is right.  

See the Good,
Carole West

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