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How to make your own art shelf project

When my art studio was finished it was like a dream to move in.  I’m being serious, it was a dream come true because I had been thinking about this moment for most of my life.  Wondering what it would be like, would I get there, would I be able to draw or paint again and would I reach my goals.

I was putting a lot of pressure on myself and when I tried to organize this room nothing was working.  I eventually had to rearrange the furniture and remove some things before I could figure out how to store my art supplies. To be clear, I do not like clutter as I prefer a simple and artistically pleasing space.  

Our home is unique and where my writing desk sits, I can look out at Robert’s massive bookshelf project.  I love this shelf because it has become a focal point of our home.  Oh and yes, I finally figured out how to display books, movies, games and special treasures so it looks nice.

So, one morning that bookshelf grabbed my attention and it dawned on me Robert could build something similar and smaller for my art studio.  

My studio is open to the rest of the house and when I proposed the idea, I had to stress that I wanted something smaller.  Sort of like an accent shelf so that our home continued with that creative appeal that looks like us.

Earlier this year he designed and built my shelf; he surprised me with some neat book ends made from scrap wood.  I love my shelf and want to offer an informal and quick tutorial on how to build your own.

How to build an art shelf with a few materials.

DIY Corner Shelf Tutorial

To begin we chose pine wood, but cedar or maple could also work if preferred and keep in mind this build is connected to the wall.  So, if you have drywall find your support boards (2x4’s) prior to connecting.

First decide on the shelf size, my support boards are six feet and shelving are 4 ft boards. Build to fit your needs but remember if you go bigger, you may need additional support boards.

Project requires two 1.5 x 9 x 8 ft. boards cut into 4 ft pieces for shelving. Then one 1.5 x 9 x 6-ft. board and one slimmer for the back using a 1 x 7 at six ft. Assemble with screws from the back side then connect to the wall and you are done.  

Little details like sanding and staining each board should be completed prior to assembly.  I used a clear finish because I wanted a lighter look to bounce off my dark wall. Customize shelving distance to meet your needs is another good idea.

a view of a custom art shelf to store supplies.

Finished Art Shelf

I am very pleased with this project mostly because it is useful and creative. 

Having it placed in the corner also leaves this room looking neat and tidy.  Little details like a nearby outlet was an added perk for my music; that back board allowed me to hide the cord to my boom box.

If you are looking for a shelf idea in your art studio or craft room this project might be perfect.  Or you might want to check out Robert’s massive bookshelf project.

See the Good,
Carole West

A neat art supply shelf with a creative flair.

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